When Omani Blogger Standi Came to Visit

Lokeren By | April 7, 2013

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I’ve known Standy for as long as I’ve been a blogger. Back in the days when blogs were stricly personal and we used to know what everyone’s day was like without getting fingers pointed at us for being too self centered ego maniac. Anyways, Standy lives in Muscat, Oman and though she blogs once in every few months now adays she posted on Instagram that she was heading to Kuwait. One thing led to another and both of us met for the first time for coffee last Friday in 360 Mall.  standy5

I racked my brain trying to find the perfect place for Standy and I to have a delicious cup of coffee but to my dismay being in 360 Mall on a Friday night meant waiting lists at every cafe. We finally found a table in Lorenzo and I knew what I wanted her to try, Lorenzo’s famous chocolate cheesecake with rose water Turkish coffee.


Have you every met someone before for the first time but you felt like you’ve known them all your life? That was how I felt exactly. I know Standy, I’ve always known her, and now I was sitting there with her chatting, it all fell into place. She was not someone I was meeting for the first time, she is already a friend catching up on life and getting quite a culture shock :p

Time flew by fast with us talking, eating, and her witnessing first hand how addicted to coffee I am. Well, it was good! I love how much in common we had and how nice and easy was it to talk to her. Afterall, we share a very special bond between us. We are both 80’s children who were born on the same date, 17 July!


As I was dropping her to her hotel she mentioned that she was looking forward to trying KDD’s chocolate milk since she had never tried it before so we had to, just had to, go to Sultan Center and make her buy KDD Chocolate milk. We had an even better time shopping together in Sultan and I believe it was almost midnight by the time she finally made it to her hotel. I wish we had more time to organize a pizza night at my place for her, but since she was too shy to tell me beforehand she was coming to Kuwait, there is sadly no more time left :(

Welcome to Kuwait, dear Standy. It’s been a pleasure meeting you in person and hopefully I will be meeting you again before you go back next Wednesday! I hope you’ve enjoyed your breakfast today, where did you go :)

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