Movie Review: Oblivion

buy priligy in pakistan By | April 14, 2013

mrobtcI went to see Oblivion last weekend for its been a while since something good arrived to the big screens. I didn’t think feel overly excited after watching the trailer, it looked like another post-apocalyptic movie where the survivors roam the earth fending off yet to be found dangers. But it was Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman starring so why not?

To my surprise I enjoyed the movie a lot. True it was too long and stretched unnecessarily but by the time it ends you realise the point of stalling in the beginning. I loved the twist in the tale and didn’t see it coming at all which made all the difference but when it comes it means there is still a lot to happen yet at the movie. I didn’t care for the parts that were cut off in the name of the censorship, especially the conversation in the final show down which should allow you to understand the point in all this. All in all, its a good movie and to my surprise I had a good time watching it.

The movie is not for everybody, a lot of people were leaving the movie especially -and thankfully- the noisy couple sitting right beside me and trying to decipher every scene loudly as they were munching disgustingly on their nachos. It is not an earth shattering movie per say but it’s one you’d want to watch again for sure and a space on my DVD shelves is already awaiting its release.

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