Does the Number of Events Determine a Blog’s Worth? By | April 16, 2013

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A person who reads my blog came up to me the other day and bluntly stated “Is your blog popular? Because I don’t see you get invited to as many events as the other bloggers in Kuwait!”

I was left pondering the statement for a bit, usually I let comments like this pass right over my head even though sometimes they provoke me to reply but in the end I find it better to just sweep them under the rug of human insanity. In this case however, I thought to clarify something that is extremely important to the concept of blogging in general and how it relates in Kuwait. 

Events are a bonus. If you are recognised as a blog for having a fan base and you are invited, it actually means something. However, the events are not, absolutely NOT, the bane of a blog’s existence. If a blog is nothing but a skeleton filled up with event posts, then it’s not a blog worth following in my books. That being said, I didn’t start blogging years ago so I could beg to be invited for events, nor do I really kill myself just to attend an event. Now that’s explained, just because I don’t attend as many events as other bloggers doesn’t mean anything, and doesn’t necessarily mean I wasn’t invited in the first place either.

I have a life, I wake up early in the morning to battle traffic and go to work. At four I finally make it back home exhausted. I then have to make sure me and my husband have something to eat as a main meal on the table. I have a house to run, I have a husband to attend to, I have a social life outside of the blogging world ,and of course I have the most important person to look after which is me. If I can’t make it to an event, or don’t want to make it to an event then I won’t, so what? My needs and life comes first and I didn’t think there was someone on the outside with a stopwatch counting how many events I go to in order to determine how “popular” or how “good” my blog is.

A blog is a blog and an event is an event. In Kuwait, events are not always exclusively for bloggers, and not always bloggers are invited to enjoy it, rather to act as journalists who cover it only. I’ve recently been screamed at during an event and I fled the wretched place in tears. Event invitations are also becoming a some sort of “revenge tool” where a blogger who wasn’t loyal enough is cut off or if you have a grudge against something a blogger wrote or said you’d get your revenge by not inviting them. Not to add that many of the attendees are either relatives and friends of the organisers who happen to just open up a blog or bloggers that find no shame in literally begging for invitations.

Events, in conclusion, are not a measure of anything. Period. Take a breather, dear one with a stopwatch and perhaps you should find something better to do with your time. At least that’s how I see it from my own humble perspective. What about you, dear reader and fellow blogger? Do you think that the number of events a blogger attends determine their blog’s worth?

14 Responses to “Does the Number of Events Determine a Blog’s Worth?”

  1. W says:

    Absolutely not .. There are some blogs solely for event coverage.. Some ppl only read blogs for those things, personally I’m not interested in events and skim through them.. I love more personal articles , reviews , thoughts .. Real stuff that the blogger is not afraid to share and love you for that for being you

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon. But I suppose you are right there are people who are only interested in following events news and coverage via blogs. To each their audience I suppose.

  2. Eiman says:

    I am sorry if this offended anyone, but I lost interest in many bloggers because of their continuous event reviews. I do not trust them anymore as I feel they have turned into sales women, not any form of sales women, but mobile sales women. The kind that will always carry their goods in a briefcase and does not have a known address. I think they can get overwhelmed for a while with the hype of gifts and invitation, but after a while they should revise their previous posts and be more selective to maintain their integrity.
    Now I only visit certain blogs if I am about to by something and want to check the prices and available choices, but I never trust their reviews.
    This what makes you blog unique, is that even when you visit a place you write about your own experience adding some common sense to the review, not like a 14 year old girl who is hyper excited about the hot napkins they offered her after dinner :$

    • danderma says:

      You didn’t offend me with your comment at all. I agree at one point a person can lose sight of what made their blog different and get swept in the wave of gifts and events and hoopla. Thank you for recognising me amongst the reviews, I don’t think there is something wrong in reviewing by invite but one must state their honest opinion. Apparently people don’t want the honest opinion, they want you to go to a place and say it sucks, plant a couple of insults here and there before they take your opinion for an honest one!

  3. F says:

    Nothing to do with the post – only wanted to say that your use of words “sweep them under the rug of human insanity” was wonderful :)

    “I am by nature a dealer in words, and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity” – Rudyard Kipling

    • danderma says:

      Lool thank you! Maybe one day this will become a famous quote of mine or something :)

  4. Sara says:

    You know, I come here a lot because you post genuine personal content, which I love. Sometimes I don’t agree or even like what you post, but I have to hand it to you- you’re always genuine and sincere and original. And that I admire and respect you for it.

    Everyone else is just posting the same chanel opening, the same restaurant opening, the same salhiya dental clinic place thing- and it really grates on me. I think it comes from trying to prove that they’re hip and popular and important. All the posting is goody bag motivated, and a major waste of my time reading it.

    So yeah, I kinda like you the best.

    • danderma says:

      Thank you for liking me the best. I try my best to infuse a part of me if I post about an event or a restaurant I tried in that post and make it a bit different than everyone else’s but its not always easy and doesn’t always work. I have a lot I want to post, a lot of me wanting to spill on my blog posts, but now there are a lot of factors to take in as I’m no longer as anonymous as before. Thank you for your kind word and for not always agreeing with me but not hating me if you disagree :)

      • Kelly says:

        I appreciate that your blog is just a part of you and you don’t let it define you, as it seems to for other bloggers.

        • danderma says:

          Its more like an extension of me and has proved its worth on days when I happen to lose my memory and forget about things I’ve done or said or felt or tried for sure!

  5. Elegant Chic says:

    I know it’s easier said than done… ignore the jobless buggers. They don’t even deserve to be mentioned in this blog!

  6. Smileynoon says:

    i agree with you, events absolutly not the measure.