The Bygone Days of Cassette players By | April 17, 2013 IMG_3930-1

The other day I was driving my husband’s car for the day since my own car was in the garage getting fixed. I stopped to refuel it with gas and since in Kuwait women don’t get out of the car to fill their car tanks up and my iPhone’s battery was dead I had nothing better to do to kill time but gaze at the dashboard of the car. The car I was driving was the first car I paid for myself from my own salary and even though it wasn’t that old, it arrived in the days before the iPod invention therefore it had a cassette player -and a CD player changer thing in the trunk-.

I remembered how it felt to stuff your car with endless cassettes that kept falling or sliding everywhere, and how if you wanted to listed to a song you had to physically move through the songs one by one to reach the particular song you wanted. I also remember how unfortunate it would’ve been to somehow have the inner tape of the cassette player get out into a mess, and then using our fingers or a pic ink pen we would try to wind the tape back in! When that happened it always reminded me of spaghetti for some reason.

I wondered if my iPhone would fit inside the cassette tape player slot and to my surprise it did. Now we carry around phones that could hold hundreds of songs and do a million other things, all in the size of one cassette player and it wasn’t that long ago! I wonder if, in five year’s time, we would look at the iPhone and think wow that was bulky and slow.

Since the car didn’t have bluetooth enabled or an AV outlet thing, I presume somehow there is some kind of adapter sold somewhere that I could use with my iPhone to enable the songs to be played using a cassette player in the car. Perhaps a blank cassette attached to the iPhone specifically for that purpose? Looks like a shopping trip to a nearby Mac shop is in order. I love how trying to kill time by thinking turned into a shopping project, I should try thinking that way more often.

12 Responses to “The Bygone Days of Cassette players”

  1. ShoSho says:

    I loved loading cassettes into the car stereo lol.. I miss it :( I remember the folded paper in the cassette box and how it annoyed me when it didn’t have the lyrics lol..

    • danderma says:

      Awww I remember that paper now! It used to have the lyrics and the name of the song writer and which songs are where! I guess now if we want the lyrics we can simply ask Siri to fetch it for us though…

  2. Great post!It reminds me when portable cd players came out and I had to hook it up to a cassette tape and pop it in the tape player. did your tapes fly out when you hit the eject button?

  3. Jacqui says:

    True nowadays no one knows the true benefits of cassette players let alone remembers them hehehe I remember buying tons of them to record songs off the radio hehe. There is a cassette with an audio jack you attach to your phone and it allows you to play the songs on your iPhone/iPod hehe you can find it I guess in XCite and any of the Apple stores (Digits or iCity)…

  4. Dominic says:

    Yes you do get a cassette adapter that has a headphone like cable that can be connected to the iPhone’s headphone slot to play music. In fact though I have a 2008 Prado it does not have a bluetooth or aux input so I use this adapter. You can buy it at Zeina street in Shuwaikh.

  5. Farah says:

    Sorry; I read and enjoyed your post but the one line that struck me as completely odd was this: ” since in Kuwait women don’t get out of the car to fill their car tanks up”.

    Why don’t we? Are we not supposed to? I do, and I’m a born and raised Kuwaiti woman. Is this wrong? Or is pumping gas so beneath us that we let someone else do it?

    As a woman whos strong and opinionated personality I admire, I wouldn’t have expected you to deem such a chauvinistic and sexist thing as okay.

    I hope one day you reconsider and pump your own gas. It’s really not that hard, demeaning, or 3aib.

    • danderma says:

      First of all thank you for your comment. You stated your opinion without being rude which is something I highly respect. Kudos to that :)
      Now, in my post I was simply stating the fact that we don’t. I didn’t say it was forbidden, or we shouldn’t. I’m an independent woman who picks up after herself and runs her household without a maid and even carries her own groceries to the car no matter how heavy they are. I’ve tried many many times to fill up my car’s tank on my own, only to cause chaos and workers rushing to my aid as if a catastrophe had struck! In the end I’ve just given up, though I think it’s unfair. I’m not about to make a scene at the gas station just because I’m trying to prove I can do it. You can read more about it in this post Laish Ma Y9eer In9ob Banzeen?

      Now that my point of view is cleared up, am I still sexist and chauvinistic :p