A Delightful Invitation from Triangle Restaurant

By | April 21, 2013


Event invitations in Kuwait range from plain emails to simple business-as-usual cards moving on to more elaborate package gifts with an embedded invite. Not every invitation I get makes it into the blog but this time the beauty of the invitation was worthy of plenty of pictures hence the post. This kind of invitation is one that I’d gladly copy or imitate to send to a loved one if an occasion -or no occasion- should rise. I love it when new invitation ideas come knocking on my door. 


Triangle Kuwait is a newly opened, or relatively newly opened- restaurant in Kuwait City. I’ve never been there before but many people I know did and I’ve heard they hold Jazz nights, the latest ‘IT’ thing to do for restaurants in Kuwait by the way. On the occasion of Triangle Restaurant turning one I received the following very cute and delightful “bogsha” filled with flowers, a bottle of lemonade, a jar cup, cookies, and the invitation card.





My favourite part of any invitation is always the card especially if its handwritten. It’s the thing I cherish and keep away for the future to look back upon and remember my blogging days. I loved the card, all is well thank you and thank you for sending this invitation my way.


Opening up everything, its quite a spread.





Thank you Triangle Restaurant for the very attractive and quite delightful invitation. Happy first anniversary and wishing you all the best for many years to come. I’m going to try them out for the first time soon so, as a change dear readers, do you have any dish recommendations for me try? Vegetarian ones that is?

Triangle restaurant is located in Al-Jawhara Tower in Kuwait City, next to Salhiya Fire Station and Ubon restaurant. For more information you can give them a call on 50838483, check their website (link), follow them on Twitter (@TriangleKw) or on Instagram (@TriangleKw).

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  1. Epicure says:

    Tried it out this weekend and the food was really good!! One of the best restaurant in kuwait..

    • danderma says:

      Believe it or not I still didn’t have time to go check it out! I must do so very soon. Any recommendations?

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