Afternoon Tea at Véranda of Harvey Nichols in the Avenues By | April 29, 2013

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Ever since Véranda’s opening in March 2013 I’ve been there several times for different occasions and each and every time I’ve had a lip-smacking meal and an excellent time. The last time I was there was last Thursday with my friends. People were just out of work starting their weekend, the Avenues was filling up fast with people so we chose to go to Véranda: overlooking the weekend hubbub from the balcony but not bothered by the crowds.


I wasn’t very hungry and all I wanted was a few bites of sweets with coffee. I was about to order coffee with dessert when I saw they had not one, but two Afternoon Tea options on the menu. The first option is a full afternoon tea with sandwiches and the second is a smaller sized afternoon tea with just scones, desserts, and your choice of tea and coffee. I ordered the small afternoon tea with a skimmed milk cappuccino.


What arrived on the table next looked very pretty: an elegant glass two-tiered stand filled with afternoon tea goodies with a wooden plank on which the butter and the jam resided.





The first tier of the afternoon tea stand held two bite-sized freshly baked scones and a pot of clotted cream. The scones looked like they had a good long yawning stretch while baked in the oven. I love scones!




The second tier held 6 bite-sized desserts, two of each kind.


First, the raspberry and pineapple mille-feuille.


A lemon tart.


Last but not least, my favourite actually, was this tiny chocolate tart. Amazingly chocolatey and very soft and delicious.


My cappuccino.


Ready to dig in. See how smooth the chocolate tart was?


Véranda also have this lovely cold drink: ice shaken espresso shots topped with fluffy almond flavoured whipped cream. If you are a coffee lover, you must try it.


We enjoyed our time having afternoon tea at Véranda. The small afternoon tea is big enough for two, even three diners and is very delicious and fresh. I’m definitely going back to try the full-sized afternoon tea with sandwiches the next time I’m there.

Véranda’s afternoon tea is served from 2:30 P.M. till 4 or 5 P.M. They also serve breakfast which I’m yet to try. Véranda is located on the first floor of Harvey Nichols Kuwait overlooking the Grand Avenues walkway in the Avenues Mall. For more information and pictures you can follow Harvey Nichols Kuwait on instagram (@HarveyNicholsKuwait) or view the instagram hashtag #VerandaKuwait.

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