10 Things That Just Happen As You Diet

Vettūr By | September 8, 2013

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1- A very thin girl makes it her personal quest to destroy your diet. Whenever she sees you she’d squeal and call you too thin and “enough already” even though you’ve only lost a kilo and need 49 more to go! Why, for the love of god, why?

2- Somehow everyone you know decide they are gathering up, for lunch or dinner where food takes central stage.

3- All the restaurants in Kuwait decide to come up with something new and irresistible then you find flyers with yummy pictures waiting at your doorstep that you’d see first thing n the morning and can’t get out of your head for the rest of the week.

4- Suddenly naughty food items start appearing out of no where, at home or at work, and they sit there and taunt you for you’ve decided not to touch them.

5- Everyone is suddenly speaking about food all the BLOODY TIME, 24/7! Even in movies, they all seem to be sitting on breakfast tables, dinner table, or sipping coffee somewhere!

6- The amount of food commercials on TV intensify rapidly, and you find yourself dreaming about sinking your teeth into that boneless breaded chicken thigh from KFC!

7- You smell things that aren’t there but you can swear someone invisible is sitting next to you biting into a slice of strawberry cheesecake drizzled with chocolate fudge and topped with whipped cream and caramelised nuts!

8- You also begin to get a bit too agigated and feel like everyone is conspiring on you behind your back, perhaps you begin snapping at people for the slightest tick, especially thin people. Especially thin people who never diet yet won’t stop eating.

9- You discipline yourself keeping in mind that you are going to have that cheat meal you’ve been craving all week long, then the cheat meal turns out to be a disappointment and either doesn’t taste the way you remember it or something else happens to ruin it for you. There is nothing worse for a diet’s spirit than a lousy cheat meal. Hate them :(

10- You decide to try and fit into a new pair of jeans that is a size too small, and you can actually button it up without having to suck your stomach in until its lodged in your throat. Suddenly, all your hardships seem worthless and you know you can do this despite all the obstacles in your way. Yay me!

2 Responses to “10 Things That Just Happen As You Diet”

  1. Mary says:

    So true….I thought I was the only one who felt like this……glad to know that there are other people like me…………..great post!!

    BTW, there is something about KFC, the fact that we know about its artery clogging properties, but still don’t care and dream about sinking our teeth into a juicy leg….yummmm…I am salivating already.. and its not yet 10 in the morning!

    • danderma says:

      Looool! I swear I’ve never been a fan of KFC nor chicken since I’m a vegetarian but the amount of commercials on TV makes me thing I want to do the same and order a bucket of my own! The power of commercials I suppose!