Movie Review: Iron Man 3

By | May 3, 2013


I’ve been waiting quite impatiently for Iron Man 3 to arrive on the movie theaters for he’s my favorite Marvel character plus I had this feeling that the third -and I believe the last- movie was one worth watching. My instincts proved to be right, for I watched Iron Man 3 yesterday on IMAX 3D and it was awesome, awesome beyond my wildest expectations.

On my way to the movie I was so excited I actually skipped a little, to my surprise I arrived to the cinema to find almost every other chair filled with expectant viewers and I was one of the last to arrive before the start of the movie. Then the movie started with the song I’m Blue (Da Dee Da) and before you know it two hours passed by in awe and laughter and then the credits were rolling and people were still in their seats, waiting for the last Marvel Movie scene. Everyone in the theater was an Iron Man fan and yes you should wait for the very last after the roll of credits scene.

I don’t want to spoil the movie, you should go see it if you are a fan of Iron Man but I have to say the twist in the story was not expected and the ending was even more unexpected though I personally didn’t care for it. I hated the censorship, I don’t understand why they had to censors dialogue and even worse, cover scenes with a piece of cardboard which is even more insulting but I wouldn’t mind watching the movie again somewhere else again, perhaps twice more. I only wish it was half an hour longer, 15 more minutes for the scene where he builds something and 15 more for the ending which felt a tad too short and I would have loved it if they’d prolonged it a bit.

Needless to say I think Iron Man 3 is the best movie in the Iron Man trilogy  I used to think Iron Man 1 was the best one, I didn’t like Iron Man 2 mainly because of SHEILD but Iron Man 3 was the best of them all. Iron Man 3 Rockssss -watch it and you will understand the 4 s’s, it’s not a typo ;)-. Needless to say, a shelf is ready for Iron Man 3’s DVD to reside in it, I can’t wait to watch it again.

4 Responses to “Movie Review: Iron Man 3”

  1. Abood says:

    Saw it too! it was amazingly funny i’m thinking of getting a tony stark tattoo on my arm 😛

  2. Jacqui says:

    The movie was butchered in Kuwait, seriously I walked out confused, that’s why this weekend I’m hitting Dubai to watch:
    – Iron Man 3
    – The Great Gatsby
    – Star Trek: Into the Darkness
    and maybe see
    -The Big Wedding

    So yeah! 😛

    • danderma says:

      Did you go to Dubai? I don’t remember seeing you rock Dubai on instagram :)