Movie Review: The Call

Orland Park By | May 5, 2013

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For the past few weeks whenever the Top US Box Office segment comes on TV between programs and I watch the rating of The Call, I tell myself that this sounds like an excellent movie and I must watch it if it ever made it to Kuwait’s cinema. It finally did and I finally did watch it but I cannot say that I watched it indeed for I didn’t even get to understand the ending, thanks be to our MOI censorship.

The story starts brilliantly, when Halle Berry says  ‘911 what’s your emergency’ I felt like it was the 80’s again and I’m watching Rescue 911 on KTV 2 -which was one of my favorite shows as a kid btw-. Halle Berry is a 911 operator who tries to help out a girl whose been kidnapped by some maniac and it’s all she can do before the line goes dead and she loses all trace of the frightened girl hidden in the kidnapper’s car trunk. Very interesting, very intriguing, quite bloody, and rated 16 and over. 

The movie starts quickly and is very thrilling, then somehow the thrill dwindles as the end approaches and it becomes like many other typical thrillers out there. However, I didn’t really get to understand the ending for it was cut, no excuse me, chopped beyond recognition. I don’t understand, it’s a 16 and over movie and we are supposedly all grownups who can handle scenes of violence and blood and even have the occasional bad word pass by our ears, why ruin the entire movie experience? What’s a movie without its ending? What’s a movie without its beginning to start with? I actually had to Google the plot of the movie during the movie to understand what was that breaking news broadcast that set the entire movie theme. I understand the “dire” need to cut some hot scenes off movies but violence, blood, frightening  dialogue  and now endings and breaking news broadcast scenes are just too much. They shouldn’t have shown the movie in the first place.

Anyways, I went back to Google and checked the ending. Seems nice. I must now watch it again or perhaps just go ahead and buy it on DVD so I can watch it in FULL!

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