Yu-Foria… London's Version of the Pinkberry Phenomenon!

By | January 1, 2010

Hello and Happy New Year 😀

It’s been over a month since i last posted i know… but now i’m off hiatus 😉

Being a shameless Pinkberry addict, i missed it terribly when i was in London so i started searching for something to curb my appetite… and i found TWO: Yu-Foria and Snog!

Today im posting about Yu-Foria Covent Garden. In case you miss Pinkberry while you are in London 😉

Location: Covent Garden Market... in the Basement

The Entrance to Yu-Foria

I like the colors...

Yu-Foria from the inside...

List of toppings 😀

Time to choose, i got the original with blueberries, mangoes, strawberries, and granola :D

I really missed having my daily dinner of pinkberry... so i couldn't wait to try this one

It was really very very similar to pinkberry, albeit it was a bit more sour and less sweeter...

The real difference can be noticed in the texture... pinkberry is very smooth, yu-foria was much heavier and creamier... more similar to whipped cream consistency....

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Yu-Foria Story on the Wall...

25 Responses to “Yu-Foria… London's Version of the Pinkberry Phenomenon!”

  1. Lama says:

    Welcome Back 😀

    and Happy New Year to u dear 😀

  2. um-mit3ib says:

    idmanech sa3eb ;p

  3. QWERTY says:

    yaaiy you’re back~! Happy new year and my oh my how i wish to devour that thing above! 3wafee take a bite for two :-)

  4. zuz says:

    mmm bel3afia! im a pinkberry addict too ;p <3

  5. Zabo0o6a says:

    Yalmojrma !
    tawney la6a a meduim tub from pinkberry !

  6. Amethyst says:

    Welcome back!

    If you can believe it, I haven’t tried Pinkberry yet;p

  7. Amy says:

    Hey, happy new year first of all and welcome back to the blogging world! I’ve been to Covent Garden but never noticed a frozen yoghurt shop, looks nice tho 😀

  8. CurlyCurls says:

    Heeey .. Welcooome back 😀 really missed you .. what took you so loong ..

    w 7adich shaheeteny .. it looks delish 😀

  9. Just A Bunch says:

    Wishing you & all the rest of the world happier years to come!

    i still havent tried any frozen yogurts… so i dont know what ur talking about! hee hee
    im not a big fan of regular yogurt, but this looks delicious though…

  10. Chirp says:

    Hiiii!!! Happy new year! Yummy shawagteeni 3ala london!

  11. Jay says:

    Interesting! I haven’t tried pinkberry’s ice-cream yet partially cos’ I’ve never been to Kuwait… I have many Kuwaiti friends but surprisingly I haven’t visited it yet. Inshallah soon though!

    Yu-Foria sounds amazing! Whenever I have the chance to visit it when I’m in London I will! They have a large list of toppings! Oh and might I add, interesting! I’m craving Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ice-cream from Coldstone -_-

    =) Nice pics btw!

  12. QuestionQ8 says:

    welcome back 😉

    i LOVE covent garden ;p

  13. The Spanian says:

    looks yummy .. though i didn’t try pinkberry yet :)

    and welcome back girl .. its been a while :)

    and happy new year .. hope this year will be a good one .. and hope you enjoy london :)

  14. Standy says:

    *closing my eyes*
    welcome back and happy new year 😀

    that pic looks yummy!!

    :: i am on diet :p::
    we suppose to be LOL

  15. Daddy's Girl says:


    Thanx hon :* Happy New Year!


    Jedan jedan sa3eb 😉


    Thanx 😀 We dont need it now 3ndena pinkberry il a9lee bel q8 😉


    Allah y3afeech 😀 frag pinkberry wayed s3b sra7a


    medium tub? o itgoleen 3ni ana mojrema haa :p

    3leech bel 3afiya.. ana hal ayam parfait o bs… parfait raye7 parfait rad :p


    Welcome back ur self!!! Shloon y3ni lel7een ma jarabteeh? Word of advice: try it if and only if you like fruity yoghurts wella mara7 y3jebich


    Hiii and Happy New Year 😀
    Believe it or not i have never seen this place before until i started looking for it! next time ur there u must try it!

    Curly Curlz

    Aww thanx :*
    i had a tough time last month but now it’s better and i can think again 😀 It is really good !

    Just a Bunch

    Thank you! That is one great wish indeed :)

    You haven’t? Well not every one likes it… try a tub of Elle and Fraise strawberry yoghurt and if you like it… you will become an addict i assure u 😀


    Chirpppppppp Happy New YEar! Ur still in london wella back home? IF ur there u must try it ASAP!


    Thanx 😀 and insha2 allah you will come one day and have all the pinkberry your heart desires… u have to stand in line though cause there are so many addicts…


    Thanx 😀 it’s one of my fav places in London … i miss it already

    The Spanian

    Happy New year! Long time eh? Oh i enjoyed london alot… o eshna6er 3la pinkberry? Have i every reviewed something o turned out maqlab B4?


    Thanx hon… open your eyes as wide as you CAN! This is diet food sweety…

  16. Sherri Morgan says:

    Thanks for your review on Yuforia and I will check them out next time in Covent Garden

    Have you tried SNOG yet? it is amazing and uses no sugar but Agave Nectar. There stores are super cool and when I was in the soho shop, Kate Moss was ordering a little SNOG – kinda cool for a Thursday night

  17. NotMartha says:

    their frozen yogurt a7la men PB eb alf marra!
    Actually every frozen yogurt i’ve tried is better than pb ;/ but PB is still gooood ;p

    Happy New years.

  18. mrayty says:

    happy new year! =)

  19. Daddy's Girl says:

    Sherri Morgan

    I did try snog! i will post about very soon 😀


    loool 3leech bel 3afiya 😀 ana bel nesba li Pb a7la bs y3ni Yu-foria ma 3leeh gsoor b3d … Happy New Year hon 😀


    Dandoooon metkhafya!!!! Shino hal tanakor? Happy New Year Sweety!

  20. FourMe says:

    i don’t like frozen yoghurt :/

    happy new year dandeee :*

  21. Faith says:

    Wow amazing

    I didn’t tried it yet kella z7ma w kella ahwen eb the last minute lol
    happy new year

  22. BNDQ8 says:

    WELCOME BACK..so good to c a post from u!! its been a while!! :) they have marshmellow as toppings… even pinkberry should have it :)
    wish u a very happy new year!!

  23. Q80BOY says:

    people at school said you were back .. i didn’t believe them .. but my curiosity took over me and i just thought what would i loose, i just want to check on the kit kat ..

    I almost fainted when i didnt see that kit kat chunky .. i used to visit ur site whenever i had a craving for a kit kat 😛


    too bad im not a frozen yogurt fan .. but great pics!!!

    awaiting your upcomming posts (lazim double cause u missed so much :P) oh and i have my AS exams next week .. wish me luck ok .. i need Daddy’s girls luck! 😉

  24. danderma says:

    Four Me

    Happy new year 4y :****


    Happy new year hon 😀 Try it if and only if you like fruit yoghurts 😀


    Thank you hon 😀
    Now how would marshmallows taste on top of frozen yoghurt? Would they freeze? Then what? will they become hard or just cold and chewy!? Interesting!

    Q80 Boy

    looool boy you should become a writer on DHW set 😉 Happy New Year and mabi ashofik bel blog mini lain ityeeb all A’s in ur exams!!!

    Inzain ish.salfat people at school? Your school mates know about the existance of my huble blog! Wanasa!

  25. BNDQ8 says:

    hehe…i was really pondering for a while… cant help it with marshmellows …me just love them…i even had them on chocolate chip cookies.. 😀 if it was on the frozen yogurt i would finish the marshmellows first and then attack the yogurt 😀 well thts me goin insane now :)