Movie Review: The Hangover III

devotedly By | May 29, 2013

buy in Seroquel uk miwfim-004One of the movies I’ve been looking for to watching in 2013 was the third and supposedly last instalment of the Hangover series. I’m glad I didn’t wait to see it in Kuwait’s cinema for it would have been chopped up beyond recognition and you are left trying to piece together what went on in the movie. To my surprise the third hangover movie wasn’t like the first two, it is more tame, less funny, and the way the movie unfolds is different too.

There is no wedding in Hangover III. No opening scene where Phil is making a call to a distressed bride stating they cannot find someone, no bachelor’s party where the wolf pack is drugged by Alan and no waking up to total chaos then running around trying to find your friend and figure out what happened. They simply are thrust into a bad situation and they have to find Chow, who is on the run, to get out of their dilemma. There is just too much Chow in Hangover 3, and I never liked Chow and I believe for that reason it wasn’t as funny as the two previous movies.

Even in the end they don’t find pictures and play them as the credits are rolling! I don’t understand why the third and last movie of Hangover should be that different. Interestingly, the very last scene of the movie is the very Hangover-y and suggests that maybe perhaps there is a fourth Hangover movie. If you ask my opinion I think the third movie should have started at that point. I’m not sure I’d want to watch it a second time when I was disappointed the first time I watched it but I might just buy it to complete the trilogy on my DVD shelves.

4 Responses to “Movie Review: The Hangover III”

  1. jas says:

    hi where can i get it? the dvd. do they sell em?

    • danderma says:

      DVDs are usually released a while after the movie is done showing in the cinema. I will buy it when they start selling it but Amazon is always a good indicator on when a movie DVD is coming out.

  2. Disappointing news !
    I find part one is way better than part two as most movie series’s always the first
    part is better its rarely to have part tow or three better than the first as for the
    first one always you don’t really expect whats coming unlike following parts you
    are aware of whats gonna happen or at least you know the movie line, I liked Due Date more than hangover 2 , I find Mr. Chow is so annoying now I don’t know how could I stand this part with much of him lol , Thanks

    • danderma says:

      Chow’s role in this movie is even more important than Stu’s! He is very annoying indeed and I can’t stand him. I agree, Due Date is way better than Hangover 2.