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I haven’t had much time to read recently and I miss grabbing a book and losing myself in words dressed up in ink and dancing between the pages. This summer three of my favourite authors had new novels out and I know, I just know, that a nice reading  hibernation period is just around the corner.

I read a chapter from Dan Brown’s inferno the day it was out, I read two chapters of Sophie Kinsella’s wedding night when I got my hands on it, and I can’t wait to start reading Khalid Hosseini’s new And the Mountains Echoed novel which might be the book I’m going to read next. Fourth on my list to read is Maggie & Me by Damian Barr which I’ve heard so much about and can’t wait to read and Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth, another gripping thriller that I saw wherever I turned in book shops.

I’ve already finished one book in my summer 2013 reads, The Newlyweds by Neil Freudenberger which was quite interesting and I should be reviewing it soon on the blog. Hopefully I will have more books to be reviewed soon as well. What about you, what will you be reading in Summer 2013?

12 Responses to “My Summer 2013 Reads”

  1. Elegant Chic says:

    So glad to see your posts!!! 😀
    Welcome back hon! Hope you had an awesome vacation. :)
    And those are some amazing books you’ve got!

    As of now, I’m reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting and a couple of pregnancy recipe books. 😉

  2. eshda3wa says:

    omg! khalid hussaini has a new book out!! must get myhands on it ASAP!!
    happy reading my friend!

    • danderma says:

      Thank you love, you know when you have a good book in your hands but you don’t want to start it because I will be done with it and won’t have it again? That’s how I feel about it!

  3. swera says:

    I miss reading too *cries*

    I seriously haven’t had the time to read the books I have & still I keep on buying more & more.

    I think Im gonna start reading when students stay home, will have alot of time to kill :)

    • danderma says:

      I know exactly how you feel! Only you have about a month of peace at home before Ramadan, I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to read anything during Ramadan. Happy reading!

  4. Insiya says:

    Since April 2013, I have read:

    1. The new girl – Tracie Puckett
    2. Heir untamed – Danielle Bourdour
    3. Existence – Abbi Glines
    4. Waking up married – Mira Lyn Kelly
    5. Awakened – Brenda K. Davies
    6. Bridesmaid lotto – Rachel Astar
    7. Worth the weight – Mara Jacobs
    8. The Executive’s Decision – Bernadette Marie

    Currently reading: Marquite valentine – Holland of Springs series

    And I have still MANY MANY MANY MANY more books to read! :)

    • danderma says:

      Can I be jealous of you? I like your reading list, might go hunt a few of those books myself and add them to my reading list. Happy reading :)

  5. Feda says:

    Read Life after Life .