The New Westfield Stratford City Mall

By | June 17, 2013


Westfield Stratford City isn’t new per-say, Europe’s largest shopping mall was opened in September 2011, but I’ve never had the chance to actually make the trip before. When I finally did taking the Jubilee line, I realised it is indeed very huge, complete with a Holiday Inn hotel next door.




The architechture is similar, all modern and glass and still and really big. Though initially it seems to have the exact same stores at the other Westfield, I noticed a huge Primark and a very big Victoria’s Secret, two stores that weren’t in the first Westfield mall.




Up the viewing platform and gazing at the horizon. See the strange looking red tower in the distance? That’s the Olympic Park now renamed Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park and is being renovated into an awesome modern park/technology city/university. The north of park is supposed to open up in July 2013 and the rest of the park is opening by Spring 2014


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There are many, many restaurants but we were in a hurry and it was a long day already so we opted to grab a quick bite from Comptoir Libanais (post) in the food court, and I don’t usually eat in food courts but this Westfield’s food court was very bright and airy.


The outdoors area of Westfield is very big, but it was a bitter cold day and we were shaking as I moved from point to point trying to take decent pictures.




Is it better than the old Westfield? Well, frankly I prefer the old one, it’s cosier and smaller and somehow I knew how to navigate it. This one is too huge but with one important advantage, you don’t have to cross the road or walk outside to get into the underground station. The Stratford City station on the Jubilee Line opens right at the basement of Westfield. For more information you can check their website (link).

4 Responses to “The New Westfield Stratford City Mall”

  1. I went to the old one (Shepherd’s Bush) a few weeks ago and it was more relaxing as there weren’t huge crowds like in Stratford despite it being mid afternoon.

    • danderma says:

      I didn’t have the chance to compare the crowds but its good to know the old one is now less crowded!

  2. Eiman says:

    Although I am not a huge expert in London malls and shops, but I know for sure one great advantage of this specific venue; which is that it has its own (Prayer Room).
    My sister’s flat used to be in Canary Wharf and she always advise those who are in London only for the day (usually visiting from other British counties) to shop at this one because they do not have to worry about where to pray. Tourist probably do not know that, but it is against the law to pray in public space such as a park. However, thank God it seams that most English people do not mind that happening so those who pray in public spaces often never experience any problems.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us..

    • danderma says:

      I didn’t know they had a prayer room! But then there were a LOT of British muslims around the mall so maybe that’s why. I know there is a prayer room Bicester Village and in Selfridges if you go to the customer service sometimes they give you a small room to pray in if they weren’t very busy with customers.