Snog… London's other version of the Pinkberry Phenomenon!

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We were in Westfield Mall, London. We have been shopping for hours without having lunch. We could not take another step without food, so we decided it was time for a good hot hearty meal in one of the terrace restaurants.

While we were walking towards the doors… i saw a group of Q8y girls huddled around a pinkberry  like tub and eating happily… i stop in my tracks, my pinkberry nostalgia has erupted, i look around me, and this is what i saw…

I realized then that there is infact another pinkberry like concotion! All thoughts of a hot meal flew out the window and in two seconds i was standing in line to try Snog!

The concept is quite the same. There were three flavors: Plain, Green Tea, and Chocolate. We tasted the chocolate and it was horrible… then again chocolate and yogurt do not really mix in my dictionary. So Original it was for both of us…

There were the usual fruit toppings. I chose my usual strawberry blueberry mango mix. There were also many cookies and brownies and yummy thingies to choose for topping but since i was being good i didnt add any 😀

It was time to sit down and see how it will taste like…

To my surprise, it was ALMOST IDENTICAL in taste and texture to pinkberry!!!! Maybe a little bit more sour but it is very very close! It tasted GREAT! It was smooth and cool… the fruits were British fruits so they were fresh and yum of course… The only downside is that they fruits were very chunky and huge in size, unlike what pinkberry serves. Another sad fact is that they don’t have pomegranate flavor so i can do my usual mix :(

Other than that? ITS GOOOOOOD! and im HAPPY!

If you love pinkberry, trying Snog is a must the next time you are in London. Snog is also available in Soho and South Kensington. Check their website for more details.

0 Responses to “Snog… London's other version of the Pinkberry Phenomenon!”

  1. SHOOSH says:

    I tried it .. 3ajeeb

  2. Sherri Morgan says:

    Oh I love your blog on SNOG! It is my favorite place in london by far and makes the other fro-yo places in London seem silly.

    Great pics – I have not been to Westfield yet but only the SNOG place in Soho

    you write great blogs!

  3. Sherri Morgan says:

    Did you know SNOG does not use sugar and PB is loaded with sugar so SNOG wins hands down for me against Pinkberry

  4. CurlyCurls says:

    waaai basich ta3theeb .. i havnt even tried pinkberry :@ .. i wasnt in kwt when it opened w i havnt got back since :(

  5. Just a Bunch says:

    This really looks delicious…

    maybe i should try this Pinkberry hype soon just to see for myself… even though im not a big fan of yogurt, but it sure looks delicious.

    & if i liked it, maybe ill drop by this Snog & Yu-Foria ones that u recommended as well, if i went to London…

    thnx for the reviews & coverage!

  6. BNDQ8 says:

    awwahh even i love the mix.. so in short pinkberry is kewler :) hehe…chocolate fozen yogurt doesnt sound all that great …what not we try for our taste buds 😀

  7. Amy says:

    Which one did you enjoy most? Your Yu Foria yoghurt or Snog?

    PS: the website’s name is cheeky 😀

  8. Sherri Morgan says:

    Snog is so much better then Yu Foria….Snog has no sugar and me teeth almost fell out when I ate a Yu Foria :)