Movie Review: Man of Steel

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Superman was my favourite childhood superhero. I grew up watching Superman movies, one movie in particular the Superman III we watched over and over and over again whenever we had a meal. My father was a big Superman fan and he bought us all the VHS tapes except for Superman III which he recorded off KTV2 on our VHS video. After Christopher Reeve, no one could fill in his Superman shoes, and after watching Man of Steel, I personally believe no one can. 

This remake of the Superman story is much, much better than the attempt that was made at a remake a few years back, I don’t even recall the actor or the movie name. The actor is better suited to be Superman even though he was too bulky, Christopher Reeve wasn’t that bulky. The movie also comes with a star-studded cast: Russell Crowe as Jor-El and Kevin Costner as Clark Kent, but it also comes with a very weak story. It begins by sending Kal-El to earth as a baby – of course- then his childhood story is told in flashbacks and later on General Zod comes back to earth to finish what he started by killing Superman. But that’s basically it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I expected much more of this movie, and it’s missing three very VERY important Superman basics: Clarks infatuation with Lana, Superman’s vulnerability to Kryptonyte which wasn’t mentioned at all in the movie, and last but not least: his name! He is Superman, but you get to hear his name once, maybe twice in the movie. I’m not sure why is this remake allergic to the title Superman but he is Superman! He was Superman, he is Superman, and he will stay Superman! I also watched it on 3D IMAX, which was totally unnecessary as you pay extra expecting to duck when Superman flies right at you especially with all the fight scenes which ate up half the movie but you end up just paying extra and not even flinching once.

The Dark Knight’s remake of Batman was awesome, this remake of Superman is OK-ish. If there is a sequel I will go see it, but I’m not sure I will be very thrilled about watching it. Perhaps it would get better now the foundation of the story is laid out the sequel would have a more sophisticated story line. Maybe, hopefully.

4 Responses to “Movie Review: Man of Steel”

  1. greak says:

    Costner played Jonathan Kent.
    The story needs to be simple.
    Too much at stake for DC at this point.
    Their entire approach is dependent on the success of this movie.I loved the movie. This is straight forward Superman origin story. Crowe was majestic as always. Shannon played Zod perfectly . I liked cavil as Superman Lana Lang was his gf in highschool I guess. LOVED the score by Hanz Zimmer so Epic. By far this the best Supermanovie. Zack did an amazing job in this, specially the easter egss.

    • danderma says:

      I’m glad you liked it. The music was great because it was by Hans Zimmerman, but still the story was way too simple with nothing more to do in the last hour but watch smoke and people hitting each other. Then again everyone is entitled to their opinion of course.

  2. Abood says:

    I watched the movie it wasn’t bad, but it took alot of energy to keep up with all the explosions and the fact that the superman theme by john williams wasn’t put in or remixed lost the movie a certain sense of zest from past movies of the 70s. All in all, it was ok well made but could have been made better with a better storyline.

    • danderma says:

      Exactly! Its not bad, but its not as great as I anticipated. There was too much smoke as well, sometimes it was hard to see!