Designer Nora Al-Hathran’s Ramadan Gift

Mudon By | July 16, 2013 nahfg-005-1

As Suwaydā’ With the start of the holy month of Ramadan I got a knock on my door, a big black and white Fauchon bag with golden tissue paper was handed to me. It was quite heavy and peeking from the golden sheets of paper was a fuchsia pink box decorated with stars and a crescent moon.



The box is sleek and gorgeous. The gift box came printed with fashion designer Nora Al-Hathrans’s logo on the bottom right corner. Very neat. Of course there was a card with my name on it, always my favourite part of any gift box.



Inside the box? Plenty of lovely things, so many your eyes would dart everywhere trying to focus and take a decent picture.


First and foremost, a copy of the Holy Quran. A much appreciated gift especially in the Holy Month of Ramadan.


A mesbah (rosarey) and a small wallet-sized copy of Ramadan’s Imsakiya. Imsakiya is the official timing of fasting and breaking fast for the 30 days of Ramadan.


Fauchon goodies for post-iftar tea! From traditional to modern: Qamar Deen bites, Dates stuffed with nuts or chocolates and dusted in chocolate, pieces of chocolates to go with a long awaited cups of coffee, and macarons so delicious you couldn’t stop at eating just one.




Thank you dear Nora for the delightful gift! It was a pleasure exploring it, mbarak 3leech el shahar o 3asach min 3owadah.

Fashion Designer Nora Al-Hathran shop is located in Al-Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh. For more information you can call +(965) – 22256137, check her website (link), or follow her on instagram (@Norafh80).

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