Review: Making a Cappucino using Nespresso Citiz

cytotec in Canada By | January 18, 2010

best site to buy modafinil uk As a devoted self confessed Coffee-holic, I cannot resist coffee machines, between my self and my father we have around ten coffee machines  at home, six of which are still used on daily basis. I have have always been a fan of Nespresso and my latest purchase, the Citiz machine, proved to be my best machine EVER!

I heard it was being sold in Q8 for about 100-140 KD, depending on whether or not you have the milk frother attachement. I got it from the UK for £140 pounds (70 KD). They took off £40 KD off as a gift voucher (y3ni sarat 50 KD) o used il £40  to buy the milk frother (which costs £46) fa i paid a total of £146 pounds for both the machine and the milk frother (y3ni 73 KD) while they are being sold in here for 140 KD! Oh and mine comes in the color beige which no one has seen here. O nesayt agol ini i reclaimed my VAT on the machine it was about £27 khal ingool 26 yalla khasom, fa i paid £120 y3ni 60 KD!!!! Eshraykom?

Now let me show you how i use it to make my daily cappuccino, which takes 2-3 minutes tops to make… im using the Caramel Limited Edition Capsule -from last year, i bought tons- i don’t care really if they are past their expiry date… still taste exactly the same and that is AMAZING! Smelling Caramel all the times doesnt hurt either… so… here it is…

My lovely TINY beige machine… its so tiny, i can stuff it in my bag and take it to work with me :D

I have many capsules, i chose the Caramel :D

A sleek top… it opens for the capsule

Capsule fits snugly, no mess, no filter, no spills… nothing!

tiny drawer works as a used capsule trash, just dump them and wash it and voila! It’s clean…

My coffee cup, it’s tall… will it fit under the machine?!

What do you know, it easily fit! The flap thing moves upwards in one swift movement to make room for my tall cup :D

Coffee starts dripping… the aroma wakes me up… delicious coffee and caramel mixture… oh my!

The coffee settles… making the most beautiful shapes and colors <3

While the coffee is dripping, i get out my milk and use plug in my frother

You fill it with tiny amount of skimmed milk

Milk comes up until the Max Indicator…

Just place the lid, press this button, and sit back smiling :D

Whizzing and Frothing…

and done!!!

I get the heavenly smelling frothy cup of coffee

Pour the hot milk directly from the frother…

The froth will remain back as you pour hot milk

I have my mini flavor bottles, got them from TSC… same ones starbucks uses…

I chose the noisette syrup… pour in

Froth Scooping Time…

Scooping the froth on top of my -now- latte…

Sprinkle some cocoa powder :D

Yummy Hot Frothy Cappucino …

Smells AMAZING… Tastes AWSOME…I Highly Recommend it :D

39 Responses to “Review: Making a Cappucino using Nespresso Citiz”

  1. Yours Truly says:

    I totally agree! :)

    Would you please skip the part where it says I got this for KD140 :/

    I checked the prices in the states and they were the same. It did not occur to me that UK is different :(

    Is there anywhere in the world I can get those limited edition caramel flavoured capsules?

    3alaich bel 3afya 😉

    • danderma says:

      Yours Truly

      Allah y3afeech 😀

      It might be different in the UK since it’s European? I forgot to add that i claimed my VAT back too (25-30 pounds)….

      But it is AMAZING… i am not sure you can get the caramel flavor anymore… but maybe on Ebay?

  2. BNDQ8 says:

    wow…u amaze me all the it!! the coffee looks yummylicious..caramel is like my favourite…i carry my coffee from caribou all the time coz its close to my work place…
    “B” needs to get a hint that i need this machine for valentines 😀

    • danderma says:

      ooh thanx hon :*

      Yo B… Valentines is near, and when you think about it… it will save you from paying for Caribou’s coffee + Fuel 😉

  3. CurlyCurls says:

    ooooh … 7addich shahaiteeny .. my brother-in-law is a total coffee freak ..

    and he knows his stuff .. i honestly have never had a greater cup of coffee anywhere else and i knw good coffee .. i think :S ..

    anyways .. he’s so picky about his coffee beans .. he will bore you to death talking about the bubble size of the perfect milk froth , and he will take ages telling you about each fact and myth about coffee .. still i love him coz he makes me the best coffee in the world ..

    my dad took his coffee machine as a hostage in our house so that he will make him his daily coffee 😛

  4. Sn3a says:

    allaaah coffeee..
    i love i mean LOVE drinking and smelling coffee;p

    the milk thingie comes with the nespresso machine?

    • danderma says:

      oho min Nespresso… ya imah you buy it with the machine ya imah you buy it alone (arkhas)

  5. Lama says:

    Ya3ny gemat al Ta3theeeeb eb sara7a …..

  6. Q80BOY says:

    mmmmm i can almost smell il coffee 😀

    *go makes himself a chocolate mocha*

  7. Zaina says:

    la laaaa laaa mayseeeer ya danderma!!!!

    matsadgeeeen shkither shawagteeeniii :( :(

    I want to get one! since i’m a coffee addict…

    inzain, is the machine available in kuwait?? nespresso in 360?

    if not, what would you recommend??

    and the caramel min wain??

    and iff i get the machine, lazem I get the “frother’??

    can’t i just pour hot milk in the coffee?

    as you can see madree 3an elsalfa 3an machines ma machines;p I just order my coffee;p

    way way shawagteenii!

    3alaich bil3afyaa!

    • danderma says:

      Allah y3afeech hon :***

      Ehee available bs madry wain ana sem3t enha sold out… you can always call them and check. they do not have the beige one though…

      Caramel hathee limited edition capsule malat il 3aam fa mako minha ella ymkin in Ebay ?

      AKo min el machine two styles… wa7da ma3a frother laseq feha bs 3la shay china seniya o 3areetha o imkharba el shakel kilah, or buy the machine alone o il frother alone (arkhas) o ham you get to reuse each separately… you can add only hot milk but you will not have cappucino it will be only a latte

  8. Yours Truly says:

    I opted for the one that comes with the Milk frother attached. To me it’s looks much neater and the size is compact in my kitchen, plus you will only use one plug for both to work. If you buy them separately, you will need two plug sockets (not practical for me).

    The price is the same in Kuwait whether you get the machine I have or you buy them separately. The machine that comes with the frother costs KD140. Separately, you will pay KD100 for the coffee machine, and KD40 for the milk frother.

    • danderma says:

      Bel3ax i beg to differ with you in two points:

      1- The platform of both Citiz and the frother is just too big and wide… while Citiz alone is lovely because of how tiny and compact it is…

      2- If for example something should happen to the Citiz, like i want an upgrade -which i do since i collect machines 3adi next year i get a new one- you do not have to buy another frother since your own frother is free standing and u can reuse it.. or even take it somewhere else with you while leaving the machine like chalet mathalan…

      ama 3n il electric socket kilish mo moshkela… get the head with several sockets… shesma ya rabi? hatha el thingy ilee you put many sockets in… 😀

  9. Yours Truly says:

    it’s looks = it looks

  10. MARAYAM says:

    Hi i have the nespresso machine and itmakes the perfect expresso but when i want to make a cappucino, the milk from the milk frother always comes out cold (even though i set it to HOT)

    • danderma says:


      If you press the aerochino for 2 seconds it will make a cold froth instead of hot milk and froth… but if ur not pressing it for two seconds then maybe there is something wrong with!? Get it checked out?

      but if you like it extra steamy… the kind elee extra hot… it won’t be extra hot… one of my friends can’t drink her beverages unless they are scalding hot so she wouldn’t like this frother i suppose…

  11. FourMe says:

    can i become ur roomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? kick bu toota out and adopt meeee.. pleeaseeee pretttyyyy pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

    i wanna wake up to that heavenly cup of coffee everyday! i just have shots i cant be bothered to froth and mroth… yakhtich mali khilg mafeeny 9abir :/

    • danderma says:

      4yyy! mo illa na6red butootee ta3alay 7yach allah 3ndena extra room 😀 u will wash your cup though thats the only condition

  12. nosa says:

    allah shkla wow!!

    • danderma says:

      O tastes wow…! Insha2 allah laman you open ur bakery you can buy their business machines o sell their coffee with your lovely cupcakes 😀

  13. MeYou says:

    Very nice review. thank you. it is clear and up to the point. The only negative thing about the review is the glass you used (hatha 7ag pepsi o cola mo cuppucino :)) but I guessed that you used it in order to have clear pictures of the glass content for your readers!

    Waiting for your new posts.

    • danderma says:

      Thanks and welcome for passing by! loool i know inah it’s not usually used for hot beverages but ana i get bored easily min normal stuff fa 3adee i use this glass … ham for tea since i hate estekana concept o lazim jeder tea ashrab :) I have seen some hip cafes in europe use the smaller ones for espresso shots :)

  14. chaoticposha says:

    I recently bought a nespresso citiz as well from abroad.

    I need to know if your cable is working fine with Kuwait’s voltage? Is it the same?

    • danderma says:

      i bought mine from the UK so the cable is just fine with Q8’s voltage. I am not sure if you bought if from the USA how it would work you will have to check that i am afraid.

  15. I have on e of these machines and it’s absolutely fantastic. Getting up in the morning is something to look forward to now!!

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  17. abdullah says:

    great blog..this particular post has helped me from dubai n
    i just got a nespresso machine. i was googling how to make cappuccino on a nespresso machine, n here i am…i have all the capsules right now (introductory pack) wud u pls tell me exactly how u make the perfect u put the milk first or the espresso..what quantity of milk n coffee shud i miix..whats the best capsule
    i have the umilk (with aerocinno)

    thanking u !!

    • danderma says:

      The best capsule is up to your taste, whether you like it strong or light, intense or mild, I suggest you try them all in espresso size and decide on which one suits your taste best.

      Personally I like the golden one, I’d make two small espresso shots (two capsules) then add the milk from the aerocinno just about the amount that is recommended inside the machine. You can check Nespresso’s website for recipes and youtube for videos so you can learn the different ways you can make your favourite cup of coffee. I hope I was helpful :)