Armies of Crickets are Everywhere!

buy Lyrica in canada By | July 20, 2013

buy neurontin canada cricket2We noticed one yesterday, a lone greyish brown thing walking right past my couch as I was lounging in peace. In an instant the invading cricket was crushed underneath a pair of nearby crocs. I was astonished, where on earth did he come from exactly? Before I had the time to process that thought, another cricket appeared right in the spot where the first dead one was. He too was crushed with the crocs. Now scared, I decided we must have an infestation of cockroaches somewhere and before I scanned the room to decide on the ideal placement of the nest, a third cricket appeared!

The last of three musketeers was just standing there, quietly, idly, doing nothing. As I looked closely at him, he seemed dazed and clearly wasn’t a cockroach. He was more of a grasshopper than a roach and thankfully when he at last met his fate, no other comrades appeared. Now in all my three decades of living in Kuwait, I’ve never seen a cricket inside a living room before, let alone three of them appearing within a minute of each other. I’ve heard them on in the bushes, yes. They’ve been more annoying and much louder recently, yes. I knew we had to spray the entire house with whatever poison they use to kill pests.

Then today I noticed everyone complaining on instagram! People have been seeing them everywhere where they shouldn’t be and killing them on daily basis! Apparently they all look a bit dazed for some reason and they actually do fly! How gross! My husband says they are also can get inside your ears and needless to say my body have been itching all over since I’ve realised the swarms of crickets are advancing on us. I’m itching right now, imagining a throng of crickets lurking beneath my couch waiting to fly and attack me, ugh!

Have you seen these crickets? Do you have any idea how they are slipping inside the houses, offices, or cars? What happened? Is it a change in the eco system that’s causing them to spread? Is there anything we can do to stop them coming inside?

16 Responses to “Armies of Crickets are Everywhere!”

  1. Fahad says:

    I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM I KILLED 5 TODAY!! I’m thinking of getting an exterminator.

    Ps: WHY WHY WHY did you say they can go in a persons ears now I literally can’t sleep and i keep watching my shoulders…

    • danderma says:

      You better wear ear plugs when you go to bed, I’m trying to find myself a pair and apparently they stick to your clothes and get into the house with you so make sure you have none on you before you go into the house!

  2. KHLuv says:

    OMG I Know exactly how you feel. I’ve personally found more than 10 in the past 3 days everywhere in the house. Now I’m paranoid, I can’t sleep properly and I keep waking up from my hair thinking it’s a cricket. LOL!

    Today, I went shopping with mom to prepare for the war raging in the house, only to find more crickets. They’re literally EVERYWHERE in kuwait! I heard they came from Egypt somehow, but I’m not sure. I wonder when they’ll be gone..

    • danderma says:

      They say they stick to your clothes and come home with you so you better do a little shake at the door of the house… this is disgusting! I’m scared of them getting into my ears so I’m keeping a can of pif paf close at all times! Ugh!

      • KHLuv says:

        You could use some cotton balls. Just take a small pinch of it, round it and plug it in your ears instead of buying ear plugs, if you wanna save the trip.

        And about them sticking to my clothes, well, instead of a shake, I run real fast towards the door the second I exit my car. I think that should be enough to shake them off xD

  3. S says:

    same here! totally gross! iv been itching non stop since i first sighted the first one laying in front of my door,, i killed almost 5 in the past 24 hours, i cant sleep, cant stay still, and definitely can not stay in the house alone if my husband is not around.
    i sealed the house conpleteley; every window, door, fan everything! but they still keep coming.. a friend of mine told me that they get inside the house through the AC ducts, thats more scary, cz there is nothing we can do about that..

    sorry, i wish i had any good news :s

    • danderma says:

      They say to seal the AC ducts but I’m not sure how am I supposed to get up there and what am I supposed to seal them with! I wore a hijab to bed yesterday! They are horrible creatures and they fly!

      • samar says:

        but at least they whistle at if you have killed them all ,you can sleep deeply knowing they are not in your home for sure.

        • danderma says:

          Surprisingly the ones I caught inside my home weren’t whistling at all! Maybe they only whistle when they are happy between the bushes or something?

  4. Nice to have some action during Ramadan hehehe

  5. Sarah says:

    They are locusts :c

  6. whylo says:

    it’s effing 2014 and they’re still everywhere. they can go through the smallest gap or cracks around the house. keep the a.c. on as they are attracted to warm, moist, and sometimes humid areas.

    • danderma says:

      And for some reason they are also awake during the day! I thought they only came out at night but apparently this year they are active all day long!