Our Very Own Qerqaia’an

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One sure way to get rid of all the qerqaia’an candy lying around the house beckoning for you to come over and feast on it is to give it away on the spot with your very own qerqaia’an! There will be children knocking on your door anyway and they want candy! In my version of the qerqaia’an there are not nuts, lots of chocolates that I personally would eat plus lollipops and candies, and I also add a few bubble maker bottles for the children to play with.


This year we put up a sign stating that there is qerqaia’an, knock on the door -it’s in Arabic- and we did get the neighbourhood kids to come and scream qerqaia’an, shrilly and happily. I actually saw people copying my sign the next day on instagram!


We had a very nice time rationing qerqaia’an and asking the children to sing while we gave away the candy. I do have one fuzzy 8 seconds long video of the children banging on something as they sing for candy. Insha2 Allah next year I will be preparing my camera to post longer videos by god’s will.


It was very fun indeed! I do have a lot of leftover qerqaia’an candy that I don’t know what to do with. Calling up the food gathering charities seem a bit silly when all I have to hand over is candy though. An and wait a minute, do you notice a little thing standing on the window sill behind the qerqaia’an sign? A little white kitten?


The little kitten is toota, our new spoiled stray cat that has arrived at our door step last week and took the windowsill as her own private residence! She will be having her very own post soon :)

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