Hello Our Two New Stray Kittens

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order Ivermectin mastercard It all started during the maghrib prayers time last week. My husband was on his way out to go and pray in the nearby mosque when he heard soft mewing. There was a tiny kitten, mewing at him and licking her lips. He came back inside and told me about the new arrival and so he gave her Kiri cheese and she ate it happily.


We also gave her some water and she drank it and afterwards she was sprawled on our doorway waiting for my husband to come back from the mosque and when he did, she mewed something that seemed like a thank you and moved away.


Only she didn’t really move away. She decided to relocate to her now favourite spot, the window sill. All day long she’d sit there, looking in at us through the window -she sees herself only, the glass is mirror like-, stretching, sleeping, and mewing happily. She is extremely cute and very friendly, she doesn’t run away when you get closer to her at all.


Whenever I open the door she would peek at me and I squeal in delight every single time. She is very cute! My friends were over at my place last Friday and they had a blast playing with her and taking her picture, she is that cute. Her name is Toota, meet Toota our new stray cat everybody! Hi Toota!


Now a few days after finding Toota we found another little kitten, she is dark and looks more like a gigantic rat than a kitten but she was thirsty and a bit aggressive demanding attention.


The thing about Tafeeda, the rat-like kitten, is that she is very selfish. You’d give her something to eat then give Toto but once she sees that Toota has some food she’d leave her own and attack Toto, hissing and stealing away her food. No matter how many times we give her food, she doesn’t want Toota to eat and Toota is very gentle and would mew softly in fear. I had to shoo Tafeeda away to leave Toota in peace.


It seems after a few days of squabbling that Toota and Tafeeda are now friends. They are both the same age although I don’t think they are siblings, my old cats were siblings for sure and always travelled together in a pack and loved each other. These two are enemies but this morning they were hanging out in peace and both mewed and ran after me as I ran to my car in the morning demanding breakfast. My husband got them their breakfast as I was already late for work, but they seem to be making progress with their friendship. Welcome to our doorway, Tafeeda and Toto :)

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