Mino Minkom Ra7 Hal Masra7iya!?

buy modafinil online reddit By | January 21, 2010


OH MY GOD! I remember it was the 80’s, every year there was an IT masra7iya by Huda 7sain o we all had to go… i remember this ad coming on TV and us jumping up and down in ecstasy until the day my mom took us to see it! And this one is my all time FAVORITE Huda 7sain Masra7iya! Esp. Bu Kesha!!! El3emlaq being something else entirely! LOOOL

Happy Weekend Every One 😀

0 Responses to “Mino Minkom Ra7 Hal Masra7iya!?”

  1. ansam518 says:

    LOL yeah! I remember those days! I also loved huda hussein’s masra7eyat!!!

    • danderma says:

      Eee kanat ayamha akher mootha ina we go to her yearly masra7iya… laila wel theeb, el 3esaba, elwawi o banat il shawee… o lazim 3ogob we buy the cassete and go backstage to take pictures with the cast 😀

  2. Q80BOY says:

    did you change the theme wala my computer is not loading? you have a white background now??

    • danderma says:

      oho actually i did some changes to my CSS sheet that went very very wrong o destroyed my old theme for me fa i opted for this one 3la ma i finish my damages… what do u think?

      • Q80BOY says:

        it has a green background now .. a7san min il white gabul .. bas the original one was the best .. anywhere i see it i say Danderma 😀

  3. PINK MSG says:

    ana re7tlahaa !! looool kint a7eb el6abel wagt el’3niya ashta6 !!!! ana ba3ad kint a7eb hoda 7sean hehe bmasr7eyat sendrila etha bechat abchy ma3aha looool don’t ask !!!