Movie Review: Elysium

McKinleyville By | August 24, 2013

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São Roque I was looking at cinema listings for Jobs movies in both cinescape and grand cinema in Kuwait when I noticed a movie listing with an “exclusive” written next to it. I did a little research and realised that a movie that it was called Elysium that it starred Matt Damon and Jodi Foster, and that it resides 3rd on the US Movie Box Office list, and that it was indeed showing exclusively on grand cinema’s screens and not cinescape’s.

It’s about time we saw some difference in the movies shown in the two cinema companies in Kuwait. I only wish they’d raise the bar on the VIP movie service and try to match that of the platinums vip in Dubai’s cinemas. Back to the movie: it’s about a point in Earth’s future where the privileged and wealthy leave planet Earth and live in their own space colony named Elysium. Those less fortunate people left on earth are scrambling for food and healthcare and when one of them, Matt Damon, get very ill and has only days to live he decides he must get up there -which is not allowed- and try to heal himself with health repair pods available in every home for the people of Elysium. His journey of course is not easy and it coincides with a time of political turmoil at Elysium.

The movie is good and I was at the edge of my seat while watching it. It’s not the most amazing movie out there but it’s not a total waste of time either. A bit depressing though, the pollution, the poverty, the despair. But all in all it’s worth watching and I sure would love to watch it again and add it to my DVD collection.

6 Responses to “Movie Review: Elysium”

  1. Jacqui says:

    Glad you semi-reviewed the movie I was thinking of watching it if only to experience the Grand Class VIP seats, the yummy apple juice and uber comfy seats with the blanket to combat the coldness of the theater. Will definitely check it out this week 😀

    • danderma says:

      Try the VIP and let me know how it turns out. I’ve heard it was nothing special but I want your opinion :)

      • Jacqui says:

        I have already tried their VIP twice if I’m not mistaken and I enjoyed it! Although expensive at 10KD per ticket but the seats are insanely comfortable, they hand you a blanket once you are in, bring you a choice of complimentary apple or grape juice and some salmon or caviar to munch on before the actual popcorn. They also have a separate entrance and concession stand inside away from all the traffic. Try it next time and tell me what you think of it hehe ;p

        • danderma says:

          But that’s it right? No menus to choose from, no tea and coffee? No button to call the waitress? I might try it one day for the next blockbuster coming out :)

          • Jacqui says:

            If memory serves me right, there was a button to call the waiter but there are no hot beverages to be served just popcorn, soda drinks, and the complimentary stuff. And do try it I went and saw Iron Man 3 on my own there and then Red 2 (which was AWESOME!!!)

          • danderma says:

            I saw Red 2 in Dubai’s platinum… I wonder why I never saw Red 1 though but now I’m so going to.