Movie Review: 2 Guns

buy gabapentin online cod By | September 1, 2013

generic cytotec without prescription canada mrtg One of my all time favourite actors is Denzel Washington. I’ve never been to a movie of his that I didn’t like, perhaps only Safe House and I found myself liking it eventually and watching it again when I thought I wouldn’t. Therefore when the trailer for 2 Guns kept appearing on movie screens I didn’t care much for what seems to be another Mexican drug cartel movie, but thought I’d see what would Denzel bring to the drug cartel movie.

How was it? I was bored out of my mind watching another Mexican drug cartel movie with Denzel Washington on it. Never before have I been that bored by a Denzel movie, the usual blood bullets high ranking officials going bad storyline but missing an important thing that made it a good movie. I’m not sure if you’ll get me if I say this but I thought it was missing the “glue” between the scenes, thing thing that made scenes make sense. A moment there the attitude of Denzel and Mark Wahlberg reminded me so much of Lethal Weapon, it was almost like a Deja Vu!

If I really am bored by a movie I would usually leave, but in this case and based on Denzel’s previous movie Safe House, I stayed put expecting some sort of twist in the end. None came, so if you happen to see the movie -and you should, so you can make up your own mind about it- and you feel like leaving but won’t because there might be something in the end, there is nothing. Just good old movie finishing and that’s it. I sat through it once but I don’t think I will sit through it again or bother with a DVD to add to my collection.

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