Naughty Cat @ the Avenues…!

By | January 27, 2010

We were in the avenues parking lot when we saw these permanent mark on the floor made by one very very naughty cat! I wonder what has she stepped on?! and why does it look like she has been joining her legs together and jumping since the marks are very close to each other they almost overlap?

Check it out yourself the next time you are at the Avenues…! Here is the parking entrance

13 Responses to “Naughty Cat @ the Avenues…!”

  1. BNDQ8 says:

    hehe…cute…some small kitten for sure :)

  2. faith says:

    I just love them

  3. aws says:

    would be a nice teaser to point to a shop…

  4. PINK MSG says:

    waaaay zoga !!! shakilha kana tarketh !! hehe

  5. FUZZY BEAR says:

    Obviously not a real cat/kitten’s paw prints.

    I am Mr. Pragmatic.

  6. nosa says:

    loooool aham shay :p

  7. Q80BOY says:

    some jobless kid must’ve stamped them all over the parking lot 😛