The Avenues Summer Carnival

Alhambra By | September 2, 2013 avcr-029

When I first set foot on the Grand Avenues during the Avenues construction site visit, I could almost imagine a European like walkway lined with cafes and international shops. Then when the Avenues did finally open and became the place to be in Kuwait, it did feel like you were travelling every time you walk down it’s vast corridors. Last week, The Avenues decided to turn their shopping experience up a notch with the Avenues Carnival where performers from all over the world are brought to the Avenues, turning its hallways to their very own stages, and perform to entertain the shoppers.


The Avenues Carnival is from August 22 until September 11 and the shows are performed on daily basis. I’ve been there several times but never got to see anything except a fleeting glance a tall humanoid tree running away -I couldn’t keep up-. On Saturday I decided to spend the weekend at the Avenues chasing the performers from one show to the other with the aid of the Avenues information desks. The first one I caught was the levitating guy in orange sitting silently by Louis Vuitton while the gobsmacked shoppers looked on in wonder.


You can’t imagine my happiness as I stood among the crowd and watched the orange guy hanging mid-air. I felt like I was back in Covent Garden, watching the street performers in awe again. This is exactly what was missing in the Avenues, performers to entertain the shoppers as they walked by, reminding them of European markets. The next act I caught was this guy banging on a bunch of buckets and pans! He was good, children all around him were dancing in happiness.


I’ve taken a video of his performance.

The next performance I caught was of this guy performing funny tricks. One of his tricks was placing a disposable latex glove on his head and blowing on it until he resembled Godzilla, or that’s how it looked to me anyway.



The children were very impressed with his tricks, he had a little yellow ducky watching as well, cute!


Next I kept going from one area of the Avenues to the next trying to catch the next act, I was told there was something at 6:30 P.M. in front of the Cheesecake Factory and as I went there to wait there were many people waiting for the performance.


The performance started at 7 P.M. but it was worth the wait. A Canadian guy, very funny indeed especially while trying to talk in Arabic, pulled out people that were watching and engaged them in his performance. He actually had to carry a guy to get him to participate.



He juggled knives and balanced them on his nose, got the shoppers to exercise a bit, got on his unicycle and juggled flame batons, all the while talking to the spectators and making them laugh.





He was by far my favourite performer of the day and around forty five minutes passed in laughter and fun.



The children in the crowd where the happiest. Many of them whipped out iPads to video the performance. When the performer took out the knives and the fire batons concerned mothers began to pull their children away but they wouldn’t budge no matter what the mothers did.


After the last performance I had to go home but I left the Avenues in a daze, a happy buzz in my head and a a big smile on my face. The lovely feeling stayed with me all throughout Saturday and even until Sunday, which for once I didn’t mind much at all.

Thank you The Avenues for such a spectacular idea and a great carnival! The carnival is not done yet, the shows are on until the 11th of September and I’m going back and searching for more to see! It’s not everyday you feel like you’re shopping in Europe without actually having to travel. If you haven’t seen anything, I strongly advice you ask the information desk to check where exactly the next performance is. Thank you the Avenues for making us happy.

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