The Social Face Masks

Brazzaville By | September 3, 2013

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She beamed widely, a happy content smile emitting warmth in her heart as she was reaching for her nude blush. Someone once told she was of a pure heart, baby-like with no games, no shadows. She revelled in the fact that she went out into the crowds with no mask on. She wore nothing on her face but her true opinions, her feelings always dangling like a charm bracelet from her sleeves.

For a while she thought she was doing well. People praised her quality of being honest and open. She was a good listner, easy to talk to, and no one would dare call her cold, or aloof with an agenda.

Her beam wavered slightly as her lower lips began to tremble, threats of an incoming-storm began shining inside her eyes. She put down the brush, closed her eyes for a second, taking a deep breath. When she opened them a second time she took a long hard look at her eyes in the mirror. There, no more shiny beacons threatening to ruin her mascara. Another look at her face showed how perfect her makeup was, not a flaw in sight, and everyone would approve. Every other mask wearer would approve. She almost choked, feeling the weight of every single atom of cosmetics that touched her innocent face, but then she remembered…

As she remembered, the pinball of feelings began to jump and down again inside of her. They are all the same. They praise your lack of masks, they wish there were more of you around, they take advantage of the fact that you’re dependable and honest. Yet in the end they’d put on their very own masks, laugh their fake smiles, and look down on you for not wearing a mask of your own, turning their heads away in disgust and walking away from the tattered pieces of your exposed soul.

It’s time to step out, she reminded herself, and to leave home without that social mask is like stepping into a bloody battle sans a weapon and shield. Now let’s see, which social mask should she pick out today? The spoiled rich mask? The mischievous mask? Perhaps the religious mask? How about the glamorous diva mask? Hmm should it be the I’m perfect and know it all mask today?

The social poker face mask will do for now…

4 Responses to “The Social Face Masks”

  1. FasesDeLaLuna says:

    From one cancerian to another – simply beautiful. I ‘felt’ every word.

  2. Walsabah says:

    Wow amazing writing.. Beyond amazing
    I was reading this on my phone and couldn’t comment , opened up the computer I just had to comment

    Please more <3