The Long Drive Home

By | September 17, 2013


She got in her little silver car after a long exhausting day at the office. Already late for her lunch and nap time because of work, she sluggishly pulled out of the parking and onto the traffic light. This traffic light in particular is the worst one she ever stood for, for it takes almost five minutes until it lights up again. Eye-lids drooping dangerously, she feared she might fall asleep on the ride back home so she forced herself to listen to the noisy radio station, cranking up the volume as high as she could.

The traffic light turned green quickly. Too quickly, in fact, she was convinced she had a little snooze in her car while waiting. Turning into the long and fast highway, she always took the middle lane, and pressed her foot on the gas pedestal until she was driving at 120 Km/h… she let her mind wander as she drove, the radio blaring away and the setting evening sun sending its last rays of the days into her eyes, blinding her in the process.

Then everything turned into one crazy dangerous race! All around her, cars were swerving into her lane, speeding ahead of her, turning on and off their flushers behind her. Stupid drivers acting like maniacs, why are they everywhere these days? How on earth were they issued a license and allowed to drive? Everyday feels like she’s gambling with her own life just to get to and from work. Everyday she encounters those lunatics thinking they own the road and that all other cars around them do not exist.

She honked once at a swerving car, another at a car who was driving too slow but decided to drive right in front of her. She changed lanes twice, making the road was clear, and yet again she almost collided with a speeding little red number passing on as a sports car. Throughout her fifteen minutes drive through the highway, she honked, swore, screamed, and almost tore her hair out in despair. By the time she made it to her own driveway, she was no longer sleepy but was quite stressed in exhausted. She knew she wouldn’t able to sleep and cursed at the stupid people out there who knew not how to drive and made her own life an unbearable hell.


The middle-aged couple driving quietly on the first lane of the highway breathed a sign of relief when they saw the little silver car exit the highway. The sleepy looking girl inside looked flustered and didn’t really know how to drive, jerking erratically from one lane to the next and honking at everyone within a one kilometre radius. A couple of times she honked at no one given that everyone was avoiding her in the street. Who gave that girl a driving license, the wife said in frustration, fed up with the way that little silver car was driving and annoying everyone on the highway. ‘Now now, dear’ her patient husband replied ‘She must be late for something extremely urgent and desperate to get there. No one in their right mind could drive that way, all the time. There is always another side to every story and you might be in the wrong, even if you thought you were right.’

2 Responses to “The Long Drive Home”

  1. daggero says:

    hmmmm ,
    very befitting the current crack down by traffic department on bad drivers .
    What some people do for a lunch and a nap .
    Two sides to each story ,point taken

    • danderma says:

      Two sides to each story plus just because you think you are right and not doing something wrong doesn’t mean that’s true :)