Salad Boutique’s New Office Meal Box

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I’m a big fan of Salad Boutique, always been and always will. I’ve ordered their salads on many occasions before, either to take with me for a gathering or to simplify salad making for gatherings held at my place. I don’t usually order them for my own meals though since the portion is too big and it takes me several days to finish one salad which ends up old and wilted, and wilted salads are not that fun per-say. I always wondered why they don’t introduce individual portion salads suitable for one person and they didn’t until last week when they launched their new corporate solution menu. 


The office meal box from Salad Boutique came in their signature pink, silver, and white box wrapped with ribbons and looking as lovely as ever. It also doubled as an invitation for dinner on their Tuesday Jazz night event which is the latest thing happening in restaurants in Kuwait. Sadly I couldn’t make it that day but I’m planning on going out soon insha2 Allah.



As for the corporate solution menu, there are many options for both breakfast and lunch and I loved the idea of breakfasts for one and the mix-and-match nature of the lunch boxes. You get to choose a salad, soup, and one small side dish for your own lunch meal.



I have a deep admiration and endless love for everything that comes packaged or in a kit, like a packaged lunch for example. I suppose I’m the only one who actually likes plane food because it comes in a package with miniature little individually wrapped food items. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement as I unwrapped the ribbons and opened up the lunch box.


The office lunch box was very neat, every item was firmly in place secured by a piece of carton. A salad for one with dressing on the side, a small pot of soup, and a small side dish with plastic utensils wrapped up in a napkin. To my luck the salad included was the caviar and crabstick salad which I didn’t touch since I’m a vegetarian but the little orange orbs of the caviar were too beautiful to eat. 




The soup was cream of mushroom soup which you’d need to reheat if you are having lunch at work of course.


And my side dish was this naughty pot mashed potatoes with mushrooms, sweet corn, and cheese.


Thank you Ghadeer Khajah & Salad Boutique for the lovely Jazz night invitation and delicious office lunch box. Akramkom Allah and keep up the good work, I love Salad Boutique!

Salad Boutique have many branches around Kuwait and even in Jeddah, Bahrain, and Qatar. For more information regarding Salad Boutique or to place an order you can give them a call on +(965) – 22921355 , check their website (link), follow them on twitter (@SaladBoutique), or on instagram (@SaladBoutique).

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