Winter in Q8 Means: Darabeel o 7leeb Emhayyal!

prescription Seroquel By | February 1, 2010

In the first days of December (or January)… when the cold starts to seep into your bones and shake you uncontrollably from within… there is nothing like a hot steaming cup of Milk infused with golden Saffron strands and spicy sweet Cardemom pits to hold between your hands…

Step aside you bland hot cocoa with marshmallows! To make the experience more wholesome… a couple of darabeel should be present as well…  cinammon sugar crystal lurking underneath it’s flakey layers… waiting to be melted and devoured…

 Then when the darboola is dunk into the milk… the concotion becomes a soft sugary cake like yumminess with a sweet and sticky cinammonysyrup in between it’s milky folds… AHHHHHH!

Of course not every darboola is made equal! You must buy those fresh ones from Al-7alwachi which are sold by piece… NOT ALREADY BOXED… the special ones sold piece by piece!

I wish every day was a Winter Day in Q8! Don’t you agree?!

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0 Responses to “Winter in Q8 Means: Darabeel o 7leeb Emhayyal!”

  1. Seema* says:

    ehehe, bil.3afya! :)

  2. His says:

    what winter?? 😛

    bl3afya :)

  3. ba6alah says:

    ee wallah I love winter maybe cause ma enshofa ela bel sena e7sena :/

    • danderma says:

      Hatha in shefnah y3ni…last year ma shefna shay… bs ashwa sektaw 3anah dam inah yanna sa7looh!

  4. 7aneen says:

    YES I AGREE! 😀

  5. Q80BOY says:

    mouthwatering pictures .. winter in Kuwait = more food than ever (and 1 kilo gain of weight!! :P)

    bil 3afya! 😉