Book Review: One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

Brockton By | October 23, 2013 brostfbts

What pulled me to this book is the notion of “running away” and leaving everything behind to start a new life on a whim. Emily wakes up one day and boards a train from Manchester to London without telling anyone, leaving her loving family behind because of something grave that happened a while back. The idea of the book is to accompany Emily through her days as a new unknown person in London while trying to figure out what went wrong exactly in her life.  Eventually you will know what her secret was and how having a twin sister doesn’t guarantee a friend for life and indeed you will be quite surprised at the twist in the story.

I have to say that the book, though it did get off to a brilliant and quite intriguing start, did suddenly pick up too much pace. You feel sorry, also quite desperate, for the runaway Emily’s sake. You can also feel anger and want to reach out inside the book to strangle her, get her to see right from wrong and stop destroying her new life.

However, there are parts that are quite vague. Like when she met someone in a bar for example. I had to read that part a few times before I actually understood what really happened. The same thing happened in the walking down the aisle chapter. The end of the book seemed to be written in haste for you are suddenly jumping from one even to another in mere pages with years apart. I also didn’t care for how the twin sister suddenly dropped off the pages of the novel and was given a paragraph or two of an ending after her big role in the beginning of the book. Its quite a good read at first and you wouldn’t want to put it down but then it ends up in a jumble of events leaving you a bit dazed. At least that makes for quite a quick read as well though I’d loved to continue reading a bit more chapters with extra details.

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