The Day I Saw a Rainbow in Kuwait

By | November 13, 2013


I love colours! I cannot survive in dark surroundings with no light and no colours therefore its only natural to say I’ve always loved Rainbows. From the moment I first saw them in cartoons -I think it was the care bears and some girl who rides a pony- to when they were explained to us in science class and right up to the moment I saw my very first one in Beirut, I think it was 2005 or 2006. We were coming down from the mountain after a day in the snow in Faraya when I saw a tiny yet very distinct and quite colourful real live Rainbow!


I never saw one again, perhaps only a very faint quite fuzzy one in England but it was so faint I am not sure I saw it at all. Recently I’ve been wishing for a Rainbow, a real live big larger than life all over the place Rainbow. As I drove home from work yesterday it was sunny yet raining and I thought to myself there might, just might, be a Rainbow today after all and that I really wanted to see one in Kuwait. I made a stop in Yarmouk to pick up some lunch and as I was returning with my packages to my car I look up and, lo and behold, I saw my first Rainbow in Kuwait!



How amazing is that? I’ve never seen a Rainbow before in Kuwait and never before seen a Rainbow this clear and this big! After realising that I was seeing my first Rainbow and that I had a chance to take a photograph of it, I almost dropped my lunch on the pavement! I also squealed a little, the way I squeal when I see the my first snowflake in a long time, and I think I jumped up and down a little since there were a group of teenagers in a car looking bemusedly in my direction, but I just saw my FIRST RAINBOW!


After clicking away a few too many times for my liking I decided the Rainbow wasn’t going away the moment I got into my car and that I might very get the chance to take better pictures. The dear Rainbow decided to accompany me on the way home <3


They say there is a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow and by the time I was on the highway I could clearly see the end of it but I would need a ladder or quite possible a helicopter to get suspended all the way up there and end up catching nothing but a bunch of clouds.


As I drove back home the rainbow, smaller in size than before but still very visible and quite beautiful, followed me through Road 50 all the way to South Surra and Al Zahraa!


Needless to say I got honked at a lot, especially at the traffic lights! Can’t people see the rainbow? Can’t they feel the beauty of it and stop for one second to take it in?



This is the Rainbow in Al Zahraa, diminishing but still there!


This is the last I saw of the gorgeous Rainbow before I arrived home. It was almost invisible and tiny and by the time I was home it has all but disappeared.


Thank you dear Rainbow for making my day, please don’t be a stranger now we’ve met and come back soon <3

Did you see the Rainbow in Kuwait yesterday? Have you ever seen a Rainbow before in Kuwait? Or anywhere for that matter?

2 Responses to “The Day I Saw a Rainbow in Kuwait”

  1. Tarabya AlEidan says:

    Wow – simply amazing ! too bad I missed it!!!

    • danderma says:

      It was breathtaking! I have high hopes that we’ll be seeing more of the gorgeous rainbow soon though <3