My Gorgeous Cable & Cotton Coloured Lights

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While reading Dorothy Koomson’s latest novel which was set in Brighton, UK I remembered a few Brighton posts I hadn’t published yet. I am not sure why, but I have plenty of posts just sitting there awaiting the publish button and for some reason I cannot seem to bring myself to push that button. I think its time I shared this -and many other- posts before they go too stale.

One day in May as I walking in the narrow streets of the Lanes in Brighton I came across this little busy store with a colourful display and plenty of customers milling inside. My attention captured by the colourful lights, I made my way inside at once.



You stand in the middle of the little store, confused for a moment on your first visit, surrounded by many colourful balls just like the plastic ones children play with, only those are arranged neatly in colour coordinated clear cylinders. After your initial moment of awe, you notice the neatly stacked baskets by the door and you know its where you should start.




The bottom of the basket is lined with a plastic instructions sheet that tells you what to do next, in a way its like a treasure hunt! Basically you can choose either 20 or 35 different coloured balls in whatever colour combination you fancy, put them in the basket, and when you are done you can take it to the counter to pay and get the wiring necessary to turn those coloured balls into a string of colourful and fun lights!


I had a great time going around the shop, trying to remember the colours of my living room and bedroom and putting together something that would match my home colours. The colour combinations are endless and there are some already on display that can help you choose or realise what you really want. Combining colours together isn’t exactly my strongest point.



I was particularly in love with the big sized lights but I knew I wouldn’t carry them all the way back to Kuwait with me.



Finally I’ve decided to choose colours that match my bedroom and if I assemble them back in Kuwait and like them I’d be back whenever I’m in Brighton next to get myself some more for my living room. The sales lady was very patient with us and quiet friendly, she was also very helpful and explained everything in a way that made assembling the lights seem so easy, which was indeed the case.


Now back in Kuwait, the little coloured balls survived the airplane ride without a dent in sight. When I unloaded my bag I was happy to see that my chosen colour combination was almost an exact match of my bedroom colours!



How long did assembling the lights take? Mere minutes! The ball is actually made of plastic like with hardened plastic thread wrapped around it and all you have to do is decide how to arrange the colours as you like and attach them to the little light bulbs.


Ta-da! Surprisingly they stayed put and didn’t slide off once attached to the light cable unless you applied some force to bring them apart. Something I’ve done several time as I re-arranged my colour combination and decided which colour should go after which.


Then I attached the cable to electricity and voila! They were all lit and so very beautiful! Casting a warm coloured glow all over the wall!



My lovely lights, like warm orbs of colours <3


My only regret is that I went with the little string of 20 lights instead of 35 ones which came out a bit too short for my liking. I need about 3 of the long string of 35 lights for my bedroom and I’m measuring my living room to decide the length and quantity of lights I need over there as well. Some people on instagram commented that I can find the exact same lights where I could choose the colours in Kuwait but I’m not sure about that. However, if you know a place in Kuwait that does indeed provide the same fun shopping experience with such a lovely outcome please do let me know. If not, how about that for a new business or a franchise idea?

If you are in Brighton or know someone in Brighton and you fancy a colourful sting of lights yourself  you can pass by Cable & Cotton shop in 24 Meeting House Lane, BN1 1HB. If you are lost you can give them a call at +(44)-1273 321332 and if you are located anywhere in the UK or Europe you can order your lights online and they will deliver it to you from their website (link) or you can contact them on Twitter (@CableandCotton).

2 Responses to “My Gorgeous Cable & Cotton Coloured Lights”

  1. Eiman says:

    I passed by this store hundreds and hundreds of times, and every time I do I wonder who would by these things?
    They are lovely, but to depend on it for a living and dedicate and entire store for one product only seemed very strange to me..
    Well, if you want some more, please just let me know. I can buy them and ship them to any address. I would be happy to bring a smile on someones face..
    From Brighton with Love :)

    • danderma says:

      But they are gorgeous! The day I was there I had to wait for the people inside to get out so I could get in, it was that busy!
      Come on get yourself something rainbow-y to brighten up your living room :)
      Of course you would, thank you for the offer hon :*