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A few weeks back a new Italian chocolatier and gelateria from Milano, Italy opened up in the Grand Avenues right next door to The Cheesecake Factory. The name is Cioccolatitaliani and I’ve been there numerous times ever since its opening. Each and every time I try something new and each and every time I fall in love a little bit more with the place. 



Cioccolatitaliani serve breakfast, sandwiches, desserts, beverages, numerous different types of hot chocolate drinks, chocolate, more chocolate, and some more chocolate, plus an amazing array of Italian gelato scooped from the depth of  little Italian-styled metal pots, mounted on top of crunchy biscuity cones, and drenched with liquid chocolate as per your request.


The first time I was over at Cioccolatitaliani I tried the gelato tasting where you are presented with tiny pots of five different gelato flavours. It is especially good if you, like me, are an ice cream maniac who cannot decide on which flavour to choose. It gives you the chance to try a little bit of everything without going overboard.



Each little gelato cup came with its very own spoon, the names displayed in front to the tiny shot-sized cups. I am not generally a fan of chocolate gelato or chocolate ice cream but my heart was stolen by their 1794 chocolate gelato which is made according to the oldest Milanese chocolate sorbet recipe ever found in a cookbook dating back to 1794!



Their mix berries gelato is also a favourite of mine. Sometimes if I’m just passing by the Avenues I grab myself a cone of gelato on the go, like this beauty for example.


Or their really delicious chocolate drenched waffles. The chocolate they use is lip smacking! I haven’t tried their crepes yet but I was told they were excellent as well.




Their beverages and cold drinks are delicious as well, such as this shakerato thing that I couldn’t spell out from the menu to the waiter. A picture of it is there in the menu and I would highly recommend it. Its cool, coffee-y, icy, and can be scooped with a spoon.


I once had an espresso that arrived covered with a piece of wafer biscuits, there are plenty of wafers, cones, and biscuits with your orders in Cioccolatitaliani.



Cioccolatitaliani is located in the Grand Avenues to the left of The Cheesecake Factory and right next door to Casper & Gambinis and UGG Australia. For more information you can check their website (link) or follow them on Twitter (@Cioccolatitalia). 

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