Book Review: How to Fall in Love By Cecelia Ahern By | November 25, 2013

Tena brhtfilbca-001 Cecelia Ahern’s latest novel, How To Fall in Love, was one I couldn’t put down until I finished it. It starts with a bit of a mystery, when Christine is found next to a man who just committed suicide in a run down building. Not too long after, Christine finds herself on a bridge next to a man who is about to jump and in a bid to stop him, she strikes up a deal with him to give her two weeks to help him try and fall back in love with life.

The book is sweet, funny, and just what you’d expect from Cecelia. There was no touch of Irish magic in the storyline like in previous Cecelia novels, which I’ve missed to be frank, yet this book is a bit different given that it deals with serious issues like depression, suicide, and trying to reach out and help people in despair. The seriousness of the issue, however, doesn’t mean the book is dark and depressing, quite the opposite. I’d totally recommend it and once you are done with a smile on your face -the ending was predictable though but I didn’t mind it one bit- you are left with a feeling that you want to read a little bit more. The book is a keeper for sure.

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