What to Get from Shakshooka Farmers Market Tonight?

buy Pregabalin steroids By | November 28, 2013

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Why should you go to Shakshooka Farmers Market tonight?

Let me show you what I’ve been indulging in this last week, all of which I’ve gotten from last week’s Shakshooka Farmers Market that was held in Q8books at Bait Lothan. I’ve yet to try something from Shakshooka that wasn’t scrumptious! On Friday morning I feasted on the bagels I got from Special Maryam’s. Sesame, poppy seed, oregano, and cinnamon bagels with orange juice and gorgeous coffee prepared with my trusty French press. 



Toasting those bagels and spreading them with luscious cream cheese, with sips of good coffee and tangy orange juice, on a cold calm Friday morning, is simply heavenly! Then you have the sticky sugary cinnamon bagel which deserved to be celebrated properly.


Cinnamon bagel, toasted, spread with Nutella, topped with bananas, sprinkled with nuts and pistachios.


Then drizzled with lucsious golden toffee sauce!


How’s that for a celebration? Simply gorgeous! If you go to Shakshooka Market tonight don’t miss Special Maryam’s bagels!


For lunch I had the lovely crusty baguette I got from Chef Mimi.


I turned it into sandwiches, toasted and filled with slices of grilled Granny Smith apples, brie cheese, honey, walnuts, and finished off with a drizzle balsamic glaze.


How good is this sandwich? Good enough to fight the crowds for the baguette!



Also from Chef Mimi I got me this tiny jar filled with this awesome combination of chewy fudgy brownie, salted caramel, and walnuts.


There are perhaps only two spoonfuls of the dangerous concoction, which I’ve enjoyed very slowly with plump juicy raspberries. Each bite tastes as good as it looks, even better!



Last but not least, I had a cup of Earl Gray tea in the calm weekend afternoon with the little bites of Aunt Marie’s caramels! This time I took the Lavendar and the pecan ones and they are as good as ever!


Shakshooka market is held each Thursday evening for one hour in a different location and its not to be missed! Take some spare change, a disposable bag, check the hashtag #ShakshookaMarket on instagram to get the latest location information, and be there EARLY so you can actually walk away with something. Happy shopping and bon appetite!

2 Responses to “What to Get from Shakshooka Farmers Market Tonight?”

  1. So let's Shakshooka says:

    Oye! I thought poppy seeds were mamnoo in Kuwait. It’s gratifying to know they are now legalized for sale in Kuwait.

    • danderma says:

      I’m not sure if they are allowed back in or not but they could very well be bought from abroad!