Pictures from Yesterday's BBQ…

buy prednisone in mexico By | October 17, 2008

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The BBQ Fever has spread everywhere!

Yesterday we had the most fun BBQ ever…

Lama & AWS were there, plus beauty, my sisters, and our other friends… 😀 we had soooo much fun!!! So now… all im going to do is post the pictures since they amount up to several thousand words… by the way some of these were taken by lama and others by AWS …

The first picture above was of the grill… and my sisters victory sign… madry shako!? 3la the poor animal carcasses being grilled :~(

The 2nd Vegeterian Grill… innocent fot the vegeterians (moi) 😀

Salad Buffet… Fattosh, Grilled Veggie Pasta, Bread, and the Condiments!

The Salad Buffet… Greek Pasta Salad 😀 im eating it’s leftovers now for dinner 😀 Yum!

The dinner table… View one 😀

Nachos & Dips… Yes girls i will post the ingredients later… the BBQ had a touch of mexican
The Salt & Pepper Shakers 😀
The poor poor Toothpick Guy… We had fun pocking him all around…

Now for the Desserts… we had three different trifles…

This is the Berry Trifle from Sugar & Spice, we had two Trifles from Caramel (no pix though sadly) … Kanafa Trifle and Banoffee Trifel…

and the Grand Finale… the one who made us cannot move…

The infamous Chocolate Fountain 😀

The strawberry dipping…

A Shot of Addictive Chocolate…

The Fountain Spread, there are pinapples and kiwi on the other side too 😀

Those yummy strawberries!!!!

We will repeat it soon inshallah 😀 i will post the reciepes in a while 😀

7 Responses to “Pictures from Yesterday's BBQ…”

  1. aws says:

    the BBQ was made by an artist .. a feast of colors and flavours … with cute touches everywhere … pleasure for the eye before the taste bud !
    being no culinary expert myself, i had the most delightful experience…
    a beautiful blend of tastes…
    cheese was no longer cheese, olive oil was not mere oil…
    rosemary was not a plant any more !
    Everything was cobined and somehow transformed into a real celebration of their new identity… manufactured in Danderma’s cuisine…
    I could almost see Le miere (the sham3adan in beauty and the beast , disney version not danderma version) sing to me, be our guest :)
    in our next bbq, we’ll have lots of music, to accompany our celebration 😀
    Thank you Daddy’s little girl … you have put alot of thought, work, and feelings into that special evening… you made it special, in so many ways… never have i been to appreciate food (or utensils! ) the way i did last night… and I only have you to thank … and your very pretty sisters mashallah, as well as your kind and most graceful mama :*
    what was the name of that maid again ?

  2. Lama says:

    Well What can I say more ,,, aws said all that I want to say. I can’t explain or say better.

    I really enjoyed it, and Thanks to you and ur lovely family, God Bless them all.

    I loved the company, the FOOOOOOD actually I loved everything

    it was a delightful night :) and it has ur signature on it :)

    Daddy’s Girl as a creative writer you are a creative Host.

    Thank you again :)

  3. FourMe says:

    Lovely spread bl 3afiaa.. Now you MUST MUST tell me where can I get my hands on the salt&pep shakers and toothpick dude??

  4. danderma says:


    Allah ye3afeech Thanx :)

    AWS & Lama

    You make it seem like i was ratatouile or something :p
    Your company is the pleasure it self… it would not have been the same without you guys there…
    Or you BBQing the meat for that matter… 😀

    The poor maid is called Maggys … for some reason my family calls her Maqass (scissors) madry leesh .. 3yazt o ana agol ismha maggys… just shorten it into maggy… mako fayda

    Allay ye3afeech thanx :)

    those cute dudes are from this amazing q8y website,
    I shop there all the time 😀

  5. Purple & Gold says:

    You are such a mean person.

    Showing us all of this only see no touch

    I think you got something there why not make it a business and organize BBQ parties or gatherings for folks in Kuwait trust me its a great business idea hard to copy and above all you`ve got the know how.

    I`ll be the first customer hands down.

    o bel 3afya 3alekoum. I’m sure all your husbands are mad now this meal alone is a fast 2KG easy 😛

  6. danderma says:

    Purple & Gold

    loool i was a mean person all right, making us all eat ourselves until we were so heavy we literally couldnt move from the stomach pain… 😀 …. 2 KG? yeah right… try FIVE!

    I do already think there are businesses that deal with such things? I once helped a friend of mine plan her baby reception and she told me the same thing. Alas, i still think i lack a certain thing… coordination maybe? Y3ni ishwaya 3afsa my stuff i do not like the last result very well… of course the food covered up those flaws 😛