Movie Review: The Frozen Ground

By | December 8, 2013

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Describe a movie as a “true story” and have Nicholas Cage star in it and I’d want to watch it for sure. The frozen ground is the story of an Alaskan serial killer who killed a lot of women over a long period of time and what it took to bring him down to justice.

The different thing about this movie is that you actually know the serial killer, there is no mystery there, but they cannot prove he did the crimes even though there was a witness who escaped him before killing her. There was something about the movie’s trail of events, somehow not being glued together in a way that you’d make sense of it at first. It didn’t help that our esteemed censorship shred the movie into tiny little pieces where a moment is missing between every two moments! To be frank I’d rather they didn’t show it all together if they were going to chop that much away, it just ruined the movie for me. Nicholas Cage also looks old and paunchy in this movie, proving he is not a vampire from the 1800’s after all.

Would I want to watch this movie again, uncensored? I don’t really think so. Its not a bad movie, its just one you would watch in the cinema once and that’t it unless its premiering on a weekday night on TV so I don’t think it will make my DVD shelf.

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