Preparing Nespresso’s Minty After 8 Cappucino By | December 10, 2013

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A while back while getting my monthly supply of Nespresso coffee capsules I was treated to a little booklet of coffee recipes, all of which you could prepare using Nespresso devices and coffee capsules and I knew, just knew, that the time has come for me to dust my Aeroccino and put my barista training from Gloria Jeans cafe to good use. 


There was this one Nespresso recipe that kept popping in my mind whenever I thought about whipping a cup of coffee for myself. It was a minty coffee latte with a piece of after eight chocolate on top that simply gave me butterflies in my stomach. I love mint, and everything minty, and it was very easy to make so I’ve decided to go ahead and prepare it.


The Nespresso recipe calls for one green coffee capsule, Capriccio Grand Cru, prepared in a cappuccino -big- cup and topped with cappuccino froth then finished off with a piece of after eight chocolate. Easy no? I didn’t have the green coffee capsule so I used my dark chocolate coffee capsule instead. All was fine until the moment I decided to place the piece of after eight on top.


I placed the after eight piece on my fluffy froth, and whoosh, it was gone! Astonished, I thought perhaps the cup was too big or something and tried to place another piece on the edge. Whoosh, it was gone as well! I, well, err, kept adding pieces of after eight chocolates and they kept swooshing downwards to join their kin at the bottom of the cappuccino cup until there were so many waiting in line to melt inside the cup that the last one I put in did stay afloat over the froth long enough for me to photograph it!


You could clearly see the puddle of chocolate at the bottom of the see-through cup. It wasn’t intentional but the coffee was indeed good and quite tasty, albeit a tad more sweet and minty than I’d usually consume. I tried to prepare the same coffee again using the cup displayed in Nespresso’s picture but, again, the after eight chocolate would whoosh and rush down to the bottom of the cup. I how did their photographer managed to keep the after eight piece afloat?

Now that its winter and all I want to do is consume coffee and hot chocolates I’m going to spend more time preparing and indulging in coffee concoctions. Did you ever try a Nespresso recipe before? How well did it work out for you?

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