Jacqui’s 30th Birthday Gift To Me!

By | December 10, 2013


When one of your friends turns 30 the norm would be that you’d pat them on the back, assuring them that 30 is the new 20 then hand them a loving birthday gift that would a smile on their face. To Jacqui, the owner of Kuwait’s oldest surviving blog “The couch Avenue“, turning 30 meant paying a special visit to each and everyone of her friends with her very own idea of a gift. Why? Because she wants to show her gratitude for our friendship. The gift was a small elegant fuchsia pink box, a personal letter, and a wooden tag with my blog’s name printed on top. 



That tag bears a sneak peek of my template’s new look by the way! The letter came in a sealed envelope with a drawing of Jacqui’s character next to an Apple cake with a candle. The drawing was hand drawn by Jacqui’s sister Dana and its simply gorgeous! Well done!


As Jacqui sipped her extra sweet tea while sitting on my couch, I tucked the sealed letter away to be read later on and opened the box. What’s inside?


A lovely collection of little thingies! Lego erasers you can put together, green little pen and little dolly charms, also in green because its my favourite colour. My very own iPhone :p Not really but the gesture is lovely, and the pièce de résistance was the little customised tin box of m&ms!


I don’t understand why this girl isn’t in the branding and customisation business! She could very well be making branded gifts and giveaways for people and to her it would be as easy as batting an eyelash! She’s a natural.


And sweet it was indeed! Not only do the m&ms come in her blog’s colours, they had a special message printed on them along with her blog’s character!


They are so lovely, I feel guilty about eating them. I didn’t finish them all, well I’m trying not to anyway. There is always more where those came from, back in the USA of course :p Is it my imagination or does American m&ms taste better than any other m&ms from other parts of the world? m&m’s rule!


The letter I read later, before going to sleep, and its very private. In a gist, its about how valuable our friendship is and do trust me dear Jacqui when I tell you that I cherish your friendship. I only befriend people I truly love and I treasure my friendships and you, dear thoughtful wiser quirky 30-something Apple-freak om el tefa7 Jacqui, are an absolute keeper <3

Happy birthday Jacqui, wishing you many happy returns. May we celebrate your 60th and 90th together as friends.

6 Responses to “Jacqui’s 30th Birthday Gift To Me!”

  1. Jacqui says:

    How can I not comment on such a lovely post like this! Hehe btw the box is RED 😛 Not fuschia hehe I don’t now how it can be seen as that but it’s okay I’ll let it slide :* Hehehe thanks for the post love and really I just wanted to share a bit of my heart with you, you’ve showered me with love since the time we met and most especially when I had a rough patch earlier this year and so this is my way of saying Thank You but in a cool, yummy chocolatey way! 😛 And who knew that while I was reading your Chronicles of Dathra posts it would lead me to buying your book, meeting you, and becoming besties with ya!

    Now you have a letter to keep in the box with the cards you cherish 😛 (Unless you want to burn it and warm up a bit hehehe :P)! Enshalla we will celebrate our 60th and 90th together in Vegas 3ad 😛 Hehehe it’s the #1 spot for old people to go to have fun and gamble away hehe 😛

    I loves you babes and really really do cherish this friendship!

    • danderma says:

      Nooo its fuchsia! I see it as fuchsia clearly! To my vision its no where next to red! Am I going colour blind?
      I love the way you express gratitude! Its so quirky and funny and yummy! I’ll cherish your letter forever my dear, love you Jax :*

  2. Kira says:

    Hi girls,
    Thanks you for your amazing performance, I really enjoy the way both of you are writing)
    When I first time faced with Arabian blogs it was a fresh view for me, as I were learning Arabian language, history,culture, traditions etc. for 5 years in Russian University and after university-days it was rather enjoyable to find similarity between me and my abroad coevals than underscoring a cultural differences between nations…So, thank you for being in touch and making Arab world friendlier!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Jacque!!! Love you and your Apples 😉

    • danderma says:

      I’m glad you are enjoying both mine and Jacqui’s writings :) It’s good to know that other readers from around the word find us interesting somewhat with a friendly vibe! Reading blogs is a good way to actually have a good insight into any culture anywhere!

  3. Sumayya says:

    I too luv both ur blogs!
    And I agree totally, the New York m n m’s have a much yummier taste and are wayyyy better than te ones we get here,.
    Have u tried their mint ones and peanut butter ones ???? They’ r to die for !

    Expat living and luving kuwait

    • danderma says:

      I’ve tried the dark chocolate and raspberry filled ones, which are tear-jerking good! Never liked peanut butter much but the mint ones I’ve got to try! Thank you, I’ll keep an eye out for them or perhaps ask Jax to get me some when she goes to the USA next :p