Do We Have Female Pilots in Kuwait?

By | December 11, 2013


Growing up, I had a relative who wanted to become an airplane pilot, and I totally understood where he was coming from considering the state of awe I find myself in, rooted to the ground watching pilots and cabin crew gliding by before boarding a plane in airports, chatting, laughing, and pulling their little black bags behind them. There is something about the uniform, the confidence, the fact they can take a metal beast off the grown and fly it over the clouds, a regal prestigious air that you cannot deny.

I never wanted to become a pilot myself but I’d love to take flying lessons one day, why not? I wouldn’t want the impressive yet exhausting life of a pilot, gone for days and working for hours on end, but it would be comforting to know that had I wanted to, I could’ve achieved it. My relative didn’t become a pilot, for some reason Kuwaiti males becoming pilots is a very hard thing to achieve, I’m not sure why all the obstacles, and I have yet to hear of a Kuwaiti female becoming one.

Maybe we have a female Kuwaiti pilot but I don’t know about it? Do we have Kuwaiti women who can fly commercial airplanes? Helicopters? little personal planes? Perhaps there are some who learned how to fly, most likely there is, but what about choosing the career of an airline pilot? I know there are Kuwaiti stewardesses but I’ve never met or know anyone who’ve met one before.

Why not? Kuwaiti women can do anything, why not fly a plane or become a pilot? I know there is a Saudi female pilot and I think I’ve read somewhere about an Emirate female pilot but I’m not sure. What about us? Dear Kuwaiti girls, wouldn’t you want to fly a plane?

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  1. baglady says:

    I don’t know about women pilots, there might be some, they can speak for themselves. As for my, when I was in my senior year in college in U.S., I saw an add for flight attendants position with Delta Airline (will not mention the year). They were recruiting flight attendants who were worldly, well travelled and multi-lingual which applied to me. So, I had four months left before graduating Univ. and thought why not apply. I did apply, and they flew me to L.A. for interview, and wanted to hire me right away. The only problem was that I asked them if they could wait for four months until I graduate Univ. (with double major), and they said no, they wanted me to start right away. So I declined.
    Right now what I love to to is parenting, I do it in the Alps, you take the telecahin to the highest point, and you are then attached by a chain to the expert at it, who has the parachute attached to him, then when he commands you to run of the cliff of the mountain, you just do it, it is a bit scary, because you are running fast with the wind and jumping of the highest point of the mountain, and from having the feeling that your feet are on the ground , your feet are suddenly in the air, and you have to trust your partner because he runs after you, and pushes you up, after all , he has the parachute, you don’t, so if the chain between the two you breaks off, then you fall all the way down to lala land, and he survives. Anyhow, I will keep it short, I did it 3 times and had a wonderful experience, but always chose the same person, because it is a matter of trust. Sorry for the long comment and hope I didn’t bore you my dear Danderma.

    • danderma says:

      You didn’t bore me at all! This sounds fascinating! The most daring jump thing I ever did was bunjee jumping in Vancouver, twice in a row and I wanted to go a third time but no one would go with me -there must be two jumping together!- How exciting!

      Imagine how your life would’ve turned out if you did indeed become a flight attendant! Would you do it now, if you ever have the chance?

      • baglady says:

        To be honest, back then if Delta Airlines were willing to wait four months till I graduated from Univ., I would have taken the job. Great opportunity to travel and see the world, and back then, it was glamorous to be a flight attendant. Now, looking back, I am glad they wanted me to start right away, and I turned them down. Things happen for a reason. I truly believe in it, and more so after reading the Alchemist. I now work for an organisation (will not mention name, otherwise my identity would be revealed), and we do a lot of charity work in under developed poor countries. So I travel a lot (ma shallah), to extremely poor villages, without electricity, sanitation or running water. So I enjoy being the passenger right now, rather than the flight attendant. I enjoy helping impoverished people, and travelling to remote villages, it makes me happy. My dear Danderma, I will stop right here. I have enjoyed following your blog, and still do. I do visit Q8 from time to time, I am a kuwaiti, globally raised. I would love more than anything else, if I can get together with you for a cup of coffee on my next visit to Kuwait. I will stop for not.

  2. 3ateeja says:

    الكابتن منيره بوعركي اول كابتن كويتيه واصغر كابتن بالعالم عمرها 19 سنه :)

  3. Karina says:

    I know about yemeni young woman who is a pilot. So I don’t think that we will wait too long till the first kuwaiti woman- pilot!