The Little Strip of Gum Balls By | December 11, 2013

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When we were children there were plenty of candies of sweets that we used to love but somehow disappeared over the years, one of which is the little round gum or rather, a thin strip of plastic with little colourful gum balls. This particular gum was extra special, for the taste was so sweet and good and it also was used in one of our most beloved childhood ice cream, KDD Bu 3elch, where a colourful piece of gum lay waiting at the bottom of the vanilla cone and by the time you get there the colour on the sugar coating of the gum would’ve melted away and mixed with the ice cream, resulting in swirls of colours and the child screaming the colour of gum he got. Red was the most delicious one.


The strip of gum disappeared for a few too many years, and even the gum used in KDD’s ice cream was a white round gum ball which was quite boring. Until the other day when I was walking down the candy aisle in Al-Zahraa co-op when I saw the strip of gum again! IT was much shorter, only six gum balls where there, but it was very much the same.


The whites are still boring, the red gum ball was and still is the best one and those strips of gum with more than one red gum ball and almost no white gum balls are the ones you must look for should you come upon them while walking down the candy aisle in your co-op.


True the gum lasts for ten seconds before it melts away, but the taste of the gum ball as you bite into it is simply the taste of childhood especially when dunked and coated with KDD’s vanilla ice cream!

I wonder why so many of our childhood sweets and candies are now extinct! Do you remember those strips of gum balls? Which colour was your favourite?


2 Responses to “The Little Strip of Gum Balls”

  1. anna says:

    most candy sweets from my childhood are rarely seen nowadays because of news before that ingredients used in some of these can be carcinogenic

    • danderma says:

      Hmmm is that so? But some chocolates have disappeared as well? Couldn’t they just swap the ingredients with safer ones?