New Raspberry Trifles from Dallah Bakery By | December 15, 2013

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My friends over at Dallah’s bakery sent me a very early sneak preview item that is yet to be launched in a few days time, something I’ve seen a sneak peek of a while back and I couldn’t believe my luck when it arrived in a big chilled box on my door for I was the first to try it out. 


Dallah had shared a picture of raspberries on their instagram account a while back and when I saw it I knew I couldn’t wait for the new dessert to be here. Combine Dallah’s taste with raspberries and a trifle, and you know how excited I was to be holding that box of little trifles. Better yet, my opinion on those trifles being the first one to try them was accounted for by Dallah! How lovely is that?


The raspberry trifles come without whipped cream on top but with lots and lots of custard and crushed raspberry layers to compensate. The little crunchy crushed wafers come on the side in little containers so you could pour as much as you like just before serving, which in turns ensures they don’t get soggy while waiting in the fridge before serving.


I personally loved the raspberry trifles they way they were, luscious and berry-licious! I do think there was one teensy thing missing and I did give my opinion to Dallah and I know by the time its actually officially out for sale it will be a hit like all other Dallah’s products.



Now for the other Dallah product that I received, The Damlooj, which is Dallah newest item in the menu and was officially released only one week ago.


What is Damlooj? Well, damlooj is a cousin of the baklava, rolled pastry stuffed with saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, and walnuts then fried and topped with powdered sugar.


Dallah’s damlooj was crunchy, fragrant, and for a deep fried little finger-dessert it was quite light and not oily at all! If you like damlooj, or if you’ve never tried it before, then you should give Dallah’s damlooj a try. Personally I’m more of a raspberry trifle person than a damlooj person but there are things that go so well with Arabian coffee and damlooj is certainly one of them.


Thank you Dallah for making my day with those lovely goodies! Thank you again for taking into account my opinion on your high-quality products. I cannot wait to see what more surprises do you have in store for us! Keep up the good work guys!

Dallah’s damlooj is now available for sale while the raspberry trifle is coming out very soon. To order from Dallah or for more information you can pass by their store in Kaifan Co-op, call them on 99989824, email them on, follow them on Twitter on (@Dallah), or follow them and their delicious pictures on Instagram on (@DallahKuwait).

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