Touching Up my Blog Theme

By | May 1, 2014


Ta da! A new background! Only one side column instead of two, and a bigger posting area!

How do you like the few touchups to my good old theme?

Since its May 2014 and my old theme was around since March 2011 I thought it was about time to give it a little facelift. I’ve been in love with the retro background pattern for as long as I can remember, I even used it on my blogger business cards which, surprisingly, I’ve printed out but never distributed to anyone. Therefore, I think the time has finally come to incorporate it into my blog for a much needed redecoration.

I’ve kept the changes simple for the time being, nothing major so I wouldn’t personally be alienated by the look and feel of it. I also felt that the two columns were messy and crowded so I removed the middle one and kept the original right sided one. Because I’ve been heavily relying on my pictures in the past couple of years I always thought the posting area width was too narrow and so where the pictures. Now this means I can post much bigger pictures and I have a few decent ones in store for you so stay tuned.

So what do you think? I hope it doesn’t feel too dark for you, O faithful readers of my blog? Please feel free to point out what do you think should change in the theme, you know how much I value your honest opinion! I hope you guys like it :)

P.S. Thank you Jacqui for the background picture! I’m waiting for the new touched up header as well :*

6 Responses to “Touching Up my Blog Theme”

  1. Jacqui says:

    Congrats love it looks cool and aww who knew making that business card would inspire all of this 😛

  2. 123 says:

    In all honesty, background’s a bit too much for the eye.
    Distracting while reading.
    Keep something more subtle.

    • danderma says:

      Second comment regarding the background… thank you for your feedback! I will see if I can lighten it up a bit

  3. ElPaDRiNo Q8 says:

    The colors are awesome .. bs the dots are so annoying to the eye .. wayed et3awer el3een tra :(