Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

By | May 5, 2014


I wasn’t really waiting that anxiously for the second part of the remake of Spider-man to hit the theatres, for although I did enjoy the Amazing-Spiderman part one I couldn’t connect to it much. Sleeker, yes. More modern, yes, perhaps even more faithful to the comics, yes, but I still do prefer the original Spider-man trilogy starring Toby Maguire. I did see it on the day it was released, because we’ve been having quite a dry spell on the movie front recently and it came at a time where there was no other blockbuster to compete with, not in Kuwait anyway, so why not?

The film picks up from where we left off in the first part, with Spidey feeling guilty about dating Gwen after he promised her dying father to leave her alone, and his guilt makes him turn into a jerk BF. They both graduate high school which I have to say though both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone do look very young and youthful, then don’t look like teenagers graduating high school, it would have been more believable if they were in college already. We learn more about the disappearance of Spider-man’s parents and why did they leave in such a hurry in this movie though.

I did feel very sorry for the bad guy, who started out as a lonely guy just wanting a friend in this world. Two of his scenes however gave me strong deja-vus to previous movies but as I discussed this with my friends no one could see the resemblance. The first one is when Electro, then only known as Max, was tumbling through the streets with his blueprints and it strongly reminded me of a scene of chaos from Superman III movie in the 80’s. The second, when he is all alone and mad with sadness, he reminded me of Cat Woman in the 90’s Batman and there was a third scene, while Spider-man was fighting Electro, that looked like a scene from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Oh and Spider-man’s ring tone? It’s the  Spider-Man song from the original first movie of the first trilogy! Now that was a nice nod connecting the two trilogies IMO.

The ending is my favourite part, though it wasn’t the happiest of endings but it did bring an unexpected and quite soon of a twist. The movie was okay, bordering on good if I may say, but I don’t see myself buying the DVD nor waiting impatiently for the third part, I did enjoy the first one better.

P.S. I prefer James Franco’s Harry Osbourne!

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  1. Jacqui says:

    As you might remember I was in Dubai this past weekend and one of the main movies I wanted to see was “The Other Woman” which was brilliant by the way hehe I have never laughed so much, at points in the movie I was laughing so hard that I was borderline choking because I couldn’t breathe from the laughter. Anyways the second night I was there I decided why not let’s go see “Spider Man 2″ although I haven’t seen Spider Man 1 in the remake but I found that it flopped majorly in my books.

    There were too many subplots for the movie to succeed in capturing your attention and keeping it there, the pacing was dreadfully boring in my opinion and unlike Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier this movie just failed to make me care much. I loved Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone but that’s about it. The plot itself was just too erratic for my tastes.

    For example, The backstory with his parents, we spend endless minutes of him being clueless and when he figures out something it’s just that, we see him seeing a glimpse and nothing extra. There were three villians when one could’ve served the purpose even better.

    All in all, I won’t be running out to see the third part nor will it excite me. I think I should just stay with “The Avengers” characters and follow the loves of my life Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Captain America, Hulky Boy, and the others 😛

    • danderma says:

      True with the many subplots, I found the whole “revelation” about his parents way too simple to deserve that much fuss! Plus, when Electro was eventually defeated it felt like it lasted a few moments rather than be something major and befitting his sad existence. Then comes the goblin which we’ve all but forgotten about and frankly I’d rather have had that entire plot in the third or even fourth movie. A good ending would have been when the goblin becomes the goblin rather than the confrontation scene which had me going “oh god its not over yet?”… Too much!
      Now the second Captain America, which I wasn’t planning to see since I don’t like Captain America much, was one good movie! It made me like Steve all over again and I cried for Bucky! Even Loki deserves his own movie!

      • Jacqui says:

        Exactly hehe, Electro was the big bad evil supposedly in the movie and all he got was two or three scenes of terrors, the rest was just blah. As well as the Goblin. And you reminded me of my reaction, near the end before the big fight I looked at my watch and saw that almost two hours and a bit more have passed and we haven’t even reached the climax and I was like “Ugh when will you be over already!” Totally agree!

        And Captain America rocked because of the awesome director who paced it well, didn’t give you a thousand villians to worry about and just made you feel. Hehehe I knew Bucky was the guy way before his mask fell off hehe but I still felt sad for him 😛 And YES YES YES LOKI IN A MOVIE ALONE WOOOT WOOT!!!!!

        • danderma says:

          I didn’t know who was the “new” Bucky I just thought he was sad and remembering him, hence when I realised it was indeed Bucky you could hear my gasp all the way to the street :p He also broke my heart when his old flame forgot him all over again! He is so lost in the new world!