Joining Ad Mailing Lists by Force

By | May 5, 2014


The other day a friend of mine was telling me that someone complained to her that I was hard to contact and why don’t I plaster my email all over my social media channels. I tell her that if anyone needs to contact me, they can do so by using the Contact Us form on my blog, I am a blogger after all, but she still thought I was being unreasonable and what’s the worse that could happen by making people’s lives easier and just stating my email and phone number for the world to see.

Well, there are many reasons why I don’t post my email directly and why I prefer to keep my phone number private unless absolutely necessary. Lets start with the phone number, I don’t give it out unless I know the person personally or there is a delivery involved, yet I get an unreasonable amount of calls during my work time, or lunch time, or quality time with my family which is intrusive and I cannot answer nor am I obliged to answer any strange numbers for no reason. My phone number is personal and people who truly know me know that I loathe nothing more than talking on the phone so most of them leave messages for me.

However, there was an incident where a “PR” company got hold of my phone number and now keeps showering me with the worst ad whatsapp messages from the strangest numbers and I can block them all I want, they keep coming and coming. I’m seriously thinking of calling one of those ad places and asking them who your PR company is, then calling that company up and demanding they remove my phone number from their mailing list. Contacting me is fine, adding me to a mailing list without my consent or without the means to remove myself is a breach of my privacy and rights as a human being in my opinion.

Now we go on to emails, its not the smartest idea to get your adversities your email for the world to see, security wise, and I try my best to reply only to authentic looking people with genuine requests. However, again and again PR companies would take my email and subscribe me, against my will and without consulting me first, to their advertisements mailing list and keep emailing me their ads. Unsubscribe you say? I did! I swear I do unsubscribe, but I find myself subscribed again after I remove myself from their ad mailing list!

Dear contact, when I trust you with my email or phone number I wish you’d value that trust. Adding me to mailing and whatsapp lists by force, and re-adding me after I unsubscribe, is not professional at all and is actually quite annoying and the worst offenders are those who never actually contacted you before, they just magically acquired your email address and subscribed you right away. I wouldn’t be publishing this post if it was something that was happening once in a blue moon but sadly, as of 2014, I’m plagued daily by spam emails and whatsapp messages and I’ve had enough. Please, respectably, do not add my email to any ad mailing lists via email or whatsapp. I appreciate that you are only trying to do your job, but people would rather be added to ad lists by their own force of will and not be added by force and re-added when removing themselves. Thank you, much obliged indeed.

8 Responses to “Joining Ad Mailing Lists by Force”

  1. I know how you feel, I do post my email but I get all kinds of subscriptions from all over the world and have to continuously unsubscribe, they sometimes get past my spam and end up in my inbox. As for the company who got your phone number, you must be a VIP to them if they went to that length to get your attention.

    • danderma says:

      I hope this is not how they perceive VIP customers be treated, you cannot believe the kind of whatsapps I am receiving and thy are oh so annoying. There you go, you know what I mean then by getting the weirdest subscriptions ever!

  2. Jacqui says:

    Totally understand how you feel about this, I too have been plagued recently by spam Whatsapp messages and they are being sent at the oddest of times, I keep on blocking but they come back with such viciousness that I can’t seem to stop them. I want to know who did that but I feel that if I respond to one of those adverts there will be no response. I wish there was a feature in Whatsapp that allows you to block unknown numbers or those who aren’t on your contact list until you review them and allow the ones you know and officially block the others.

    • danderma says:

      I think you and I are plagued by the same whatsapp junk mailers from the same PR company! There is quite a possibility because it only started after them getting my number and sending me a whatsapp message regarding an event! I’ll… err… whatsapp you about it :p

      • Jacqui says:

        I think so too but I’ve been also getting an insane amount a couple of months ago. It really is annoying. You should have a blog only email and a blog only phone number in this case hehe that is the best way to avoid everything. Turn off your blog phone when you don’t want to receive any calls ;P

        • danderma says:

          My email is a blog only email but I’m not too happy with carrying, handling, and paying for two separate phones. Plus, I suspect my “blog” phone will be closed most of the time. I’m a blogger on the internet which means the best way to reach me is via email, preferably through my blog!

  3. God! I, too, have been plagued with those annoying what’s app spam messages! I’m fed up with them constantly popping back no matter how much I hit that block button! What’s up with that? It’s utterly irritating!

    • danderma says:

      Totally! Every time I receive one I have the strongest urge to call up the advertising place and give them a piece of my mind!