Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

By | June 17, 2014


For a while now I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of really raving review about The Fault in our Stars. I remember I was in London when I first came to know about it so I searched the nearest Waterstones and got me a copy. Its been a while since I’ve last picked and enjoyed a book, I do not know why, but when I saw the trailer for the movie based on the book and knew it was coming out to the theatres last Thursday I knew the timing would be perfect if I could finish it on the very same day the movie came out so if I’m all hung up on it I wouldn’t have to wait long. I also posted the picture above on my instagram account and to my surprise I got asked to post my book review, never thought my humble opinions on books mattered to anyone but here goes.

If you read the back cover you would know what the book is about: a teenage girl with terminal cancer who comes upon a friend that changes her life. You’d expect a lot of tears and heartache as you read the pages, and it would be the perfect read if you have a heavy feeling in your heart that you want to relive with tears, but for some unfathomable reason I didn’t cry at all, not one tear!

Its not that the book is not sad, you know from the cover it is sad and there will be a death between the pages somewhere. Its just so honest, and heartbreakingly desperate, that somehow stops the tears from coming, at least in my case and I’m a notorious basket case. I can tell you that the book made me laugh, and laugh out loud, but despite what feeling it evokes in the reader, the overall story is good and well written with really big words even though I felt the last few chapters did drag on a bit, perhaps for the sake of suspense. However, in the end of the day you understand why the book was in the young adult section of the bookstore. I believe the hype surrounding it is partially because the readers are young girls and teenagers who would be shattered to pieces reading the pages and I warn you, if you are in a bit of a blue mood and cannot bear to read something sad, then this is not the book for you.

Now that I think the book was a tad overrated, I can tell you that when I closed the book I booked tickets and went to see Adam Sandler’s cheesy movie instead. I didn’t want to spend my weekend crying because of a movie and I have no intention of going to a movie just to cry like many girls around are doing, the teenagers of the nation are crying their eyes dry over Hazel and Gus and OMG-ing to everyone who would listen. Ah, to be sweet sixteen again!

Anyways, in conclusion the book is not bad at all but as I said, a bit overrated and I’ve read better. Expect a few laughs and even a few more tears plus a deep feeling of hopeless despair but its quite predictable, and also painful especially if you’ve been complaining about the things going wrong in your life and morphing into a drama queen/king, the suffering between the pages will put things back in perspective for you for sure.

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  1. absa says:

    i requested for a review on instagram . thank you for writing one :)

  2. swera says:

    eeeh i want to cry a bit and I’m saving this for later this month 😀