La Maison Du Chocolat in Kuwait

By | June 19, 2014


A while back I was walking hurriedly in the Grand Avenues when I spotted a new cafe that was about to open next to the Cheesecake factory and the sign announcing the opening spelled “La Maison Du Chocolat”. When I realised that it was the one and only La Maison that’s opening for real, I almost started  jumping up and down and clapping with joy! I felt like I was back in Piccadilly street, rushing towards Fortnum & Mason and passing by La Maison’s doors on my way and doubling back again, pulled inside by the intoxicating aroma of irresistible chocolate.


I suppose there will come a day where we won’t be missing anything from London anymore, for everything will be readily available in the beloved Avenues mall! Last Saturday I was on my way to have lunch at Vapiano’s when I realised that La Maison was open and people were sitting outside having beverages and desserts so I made a mental note to come back after lunch and have dessert there as well, which is exactly what we’ve done. It was almost 3 P.M. when we finally went back and there was one last unoccupied table outside that we grabbed, the menus were brought over as soon as we settled in our chairs.


They have breakfast! Good location, amazing chocolate, and a possibility of breakfast! There were plenty to choose from as well, do you fancy chocolates, macarons, or pastries? It took us quite some time until we made up our minds and placed our orders.


What did we order? Well, we wanted to order the “Lemon Chocolate Tart” but it wasn’t available, so we ordered the “Lemon Quatre-quarts” which turned out to be a lemon pound cake. It was a tad boring and not that moist or flavourful at all but thankfully it was tiny. Thankfully the chocolate was quite delicious and satisfying and made up for the boring pound cake <3 I also ordered myself a Mocha, which was quite rich and lovely.


And we also ordered the “Shpère” which should have been renamed to something like “chocolate bomb” for it was dangerously chocolate-y and simply lip-smacking!


So what is the Shpère exactly? Its light chocolate mousse, with caramel fondant on top of a crispy biscuit called “streusel”.


The Shpère looked so good and felt right at home in the grand Avenues! The location of La Maison is spot on and is the perfect cafe to sit us for people watching! I saw half the people I know walking by that afternoon before I even dug into the Shpère!


Now how was it? Absolutely delicious! The chocolate mousse was gorgeously velvety and you could tell the chocolate used was amazing. The centre gave a different contrast to the flavour of chocolate and the crunchy biscuit added a bit of texture and chew to the overall bite.


The Shpère is highly recommended. It disappeared off its plate in less that five minutes.


Now there is one thing you have to bear in mind if you decide to spot at La Maison for a bit of dessert, especially when its busy. Its nothing to do with the cafe per say, but the people walking about the avenues do covet the table you are sitting at so much for its gorgeous location therefore will not be afraid to hover over your head, hands on their hips and sighing every two minutes while staring you down as you drink your mocha or try and have a blissfully sweet bite of chocolate. It happened to us not once, not twice, but three times and thankfully each time they found themselves another table to sit at other than ours. Anyways, if you don’t mind such species bothering you to get you to leave then you are good to go, otherwise you might want to go at a less busy time.

La Maison Du Chocolat is located in the the Grand Avenues right next to the Cheesecake factory.

4 Responses to “La Maison Du Chocolat in Kuwait”

  1. I bet they do their seasonal home made ice cream in keeping with the La Maison tradition.

    • danderma says:

      I didn’t try the ice cream but I don really hope that F&M is following closely! After all, it is now open in Dubai already!

  2. In the Chocolate Lovers Company says:

    Bring it on! Sprungli and Neu Haus wherefore art thou??