Travel sick… want to go to london NOW!

Boisbriand By | October 18, 2008

buy Lyrica uk Today… i was standing in Zara home… looking at the spoons, some sappy song by JLo blaring by, and suddenly a sick siiiiiick feeling washed over me and settled in my stomach…

I just want to be in London, like, RIGHT NOW!!!

I want to hear that song blaring while im passing through the main revolving door of selfridges, the whitness of its walls hugging my eyes and the thrill of seeing whats new building up!


I want to walk down regent’s street surrounded by tourists and shoppers, rain gushing down on me with my umbrella in hand, until i see huge advertisment lights glowing in picadilly’s roundabout…


I want to go to leicster sqaure at night, wait in Haagen Dazs queue until a table clears up so we could have some ice cream before our movie starts… 


I want to fight the crowds at harrods doors, walk into the food hall, past the particularly smelly one with meat and fish, towards the one with the pizza parlour, again wait for my turn in the queue until i get my chance… 


I want to just wander through hyde park in the wee hours of the morning, where no one is there but those crazy ducks… calmness everywhere, then when im on my way back, walk towards Pret-a-Manger on marble arch, the weather so frosty outside, then the warm breeze from inside the cafe mixed with the aroma of freshly baked croissant would just lure me in


I want to get out my lovely Oyster card, top it up with credit, and wait on the filthy underground platforms waiting for the next train announced in 1 minutes, while little black rats playing on the rails below… 


I want to go to the mellinium dome, walk through the cobbled stone between the inviting restuarants, and choose one to dine it without everyone even glancing my way, staring at me from top to to then actually gossiping about me in my face…


I want to go through HMV, choose all the dvd’s, old and new, that my heart desires to watch without censorship, buy them with the 3 for 15 pounds offer, get just too many of them that i cannot carry them, and then go home to recline and watch what i, with my free will and my ability to think and decide for my self, have chosen


I want to go to Waterstones, spend endless hours browsing through books of all kinds, then again buying more than my share of colorfully beautifully written book actually worth being sold, and sitting in the next starbucks drinking my short skimmed toffee nut latte and my heated mozarella panini…


I want to go to covent garden, choose arriving through the Leicter square underground station that is a 2 minutes walk away, and shop through the little botiques, stopping by the little cheese store that smells … well… cheesy, and geting a nice chunk of stilton cheese, then going home to replicate the yummiest stilton macaroni and cheese sold at John Lewis’s restuarant…


I want to go with my cart through Tesco, checking the latest wonderous grocery items being sold, getting the yummiest fruits, the tenderest bread and toast, the healtheist eggs, and some seriously well made Kellog’s Honey and Nuts cornflakes, then cheking out at the self checkout counter, where i do not need to wait in line for some one to serve me…


I want to wake up in the morning, pick up the most wholesome milk i ever drank from the door step left to me by the milk man in its distinctive milk bottle, switch on channel 4, watch the simpson and friends re-runs interrupted by the best commercials on earth, while waiting eating my perfect english breakfast (sans the black pudding, sausages, and bacon of course)…


I want to sit in a cafe in carnaby street, watching passers by with the christmas decorations on, then watching that begger come up to me, asking for money, and i would look at him with wide innocent lost eyes until he says “you dont speak english eh?” and i would nod “me no english!!!” and he would turn away cursing, and the girls on the next table would laugh and tell me that they will try that next time!!!


I want to go past M&S food hall, getting the last of todays’s cheese ploughmans sandwich, the ready made greek pasta salad with an apple mango juice and a berry trifle..


I want to go to Twinnings Tea shop on strand street, it has been there for hundrends of year, i want to touch the wood and imagine my self centuries ago, walking through those doors, looking up at the skylight above, and buying the must have luxury item at the time. having it run on the register… i want to feel im right back in time, that there is actually a piece of history that has barely been touched over the years… that actually people before us did live and buy and dine and live and keep their old businesses…


Then when im done soaking in the rain, shivering in the cold, eating to my hearts’ (and stomachs’) content, and shopping till im broke, i want to go to paddington stations, the smell of freshly baked pasties filling the air, commuters running everywhere, and boarding the next heathrow express to heathrow… its yellow signs welcome me, telling me that this is heathrow, the portal between my two beloved places on earth… Kuwait and London…


and i would shop in terminal four (or maybe five now) duty free, getting the last i can soak from innocent smootheis and cafe sandwiches, and then boarding the plane home, wishing i had had that last pizza from Strada with me back home.


I would then recieve an sms from my sister, asking me for the millionth time if i had got her a maroosh shawerma before i boarded the plane, and i for the millionth time would reply that its not possible to have a meat sandwich travelling for over 10 hours!!!


Then i would come home, feel london sick for a while, surpress the urge to jump back into the plane, lost into the daily life … until one day i stand again in zara, which by the way has some pretty serious funky new utensils and plates there, and the sickness to go just hits me…


Now all i have to do is convince my husband to let me go alone for this weekend, while he goes for 3omra… a day in london is all i need…

22 Responses to “Travel sick… want to go to london NOW!”

  1. Lama says:

    After reading this.

    Now I want to go to London.

  2. daggero says:

    That was a dream my dear , it is the BBQ after effect , go back to sleep , you will be ok in the morning

  3. dandoon says:

    yeah what lama said! it’s really well written, you painted a really beautiful picture and i could see/smell/feel all those things when i read it!

  4. danderma says:


    Men are mean…


    Morning came… i still want to go :~(


    I want to write more, but it is actually heart aching…
    Im stuck here at work, done everything today but actually work… dreaming about being there, the smells i explained invading my brain… even the smell of the bus fumes will make me happy because it reminds me of the pollution in london … i just want to go, take an empty bag and leave for the weekend… is that so much to ask?

    Men r mean…

  5. Lama says:

    as much as I am eager too to Go to London after ur post But… don’t hate me dear. 😛 I don’t think he is mean, Sensible maybe :)

    wait for him, then Go together for a week or so.

    2 days in London for business I can accept but for pleasure not less than 5 days.

    btw I once saw the London bus parking in 3edileya near Al Mailam Mosque. could it be of any help ? :)

  6. aws says:

    That’s going to be the Theme for our next BBQ … London Theme !
    soon enough the weather will be like London’s …
    the cool breeze .. the rain .. we can pretend we’re in london..
    when i was a kid i used to pretend lots of things … in the swimming pool i would pretend i was a mermaid..
    once i pretended i was zaina the bee … she marked the walls on her way with arrows so she doesn’t get lost .. so i marked all my aunt’s walls with arrows !
    and once i had all my hands covered with yogurt (don’t ask how!) and i noticed i could throw it on the bathroom walls if i wave my hand strong enough… just like a witch … and i decided to become a witch…
    needless to say… they had done a lot of cleaning after me when i was a child…
    let’s pretend we’re now in London.. i think this is what hypnosis is all about !

  7. 7aram 3alaich ;/ im not eligible for a vacation in 6 months !

  8. danderma says:


    La he is mean… 3ogob ma kharab my london pasta, i do not want him to come along…
    3ad you know what? I HATE THE RED LONDON BUS!!!!! i hate its smell and its chair and its lurching forwards… i cannot stand it!!! i love their black taxi and their underground but would never ride their stupid very slow bus…

    Looooooooool how on earth did you decide to become a witch? Thats explains Charmed!!!!
    Btw i saw last weeks episode, what up witht he whole gladiatior thing? Did u know the white lighter who leo knocked down is actually their baby but from the future?


    Yalla ge3day jablay il patients :p bs ana baroo7 mamno3 ay wa7ed q8y thanee yeroo7… 7eta my hubby… if its any consilation y3ni :p

  9. nbq says:

    ahhh… the London experience (Most I spent there is 3 months June-Aug back in 2005 for my chemo..).

    Ermmm. You eat bacon?!!! loool .. imitation bacon?

  10. danderma says:


    Im so sorry about your Chemo, i hope all is cleared up now?
    Now you must associate london with those bad chemo days :( you must re-discover it again with a fresh new eye

    As for the bacon, i said “sans” the black pudding, the sausages and the bacon. Sans = without

    first im a muslim, i do not eat pork. Perioud.
    Then, i do not eat none halal meat, if it aint slaughtered with allaho akbar, malah ghafarya… o ma 3ndena inah insamee o nakil ma yamshee… fa no eating meat abroad ila if 100% halal.
    2nd, to top it off.. i am a vegeterian. y3ni 7alal mo 7lal pork veal beef camel ostrcih chicken pigeon duck poultry fish crab shark lobster shripms clams… i go no where near any of those. I make an exception for eggs and milk… o eggs ham aklah once o i hate it for years… i am a tofu and bean girl 😀

  11. nbq says:

    loool… yeah, I should have noticed the “sans” from my Spain days “San gas, con gas” nonsparkling/sparkling water.

    Although I was there for chemo, I enjoyed it a lot and got to rediscover London (last time I was there b4 that was for a few days in 1993 on my way to the college in the U.S.; stopped by to visit the family as they were vacationing there that summer).

    Since summer 2005, I’ve been there several times (Nov 2005, Apr’06, Aug’06, and Aug’07) for checkups and once on business. I too enjoy my Oyster bus trekking/hopping (don’t use the tube much; specially after 7/7 2005 when I was there).

    Sorry again for the “sans” misunderstanding loool.
    I know a veggie/vegan restaurant that servers veggie English breakfast all day/night.. can’t remember it’s name, but I can locate it on wikimapia for you if interested.

  12. nbq says:

    I should clarify, the veggie rest is in London

  13. danderma says:

    It’s ok regarding the sans :)

    Yes im always interested… even though i spend a quarter of my life in london, i still find new places and new locations to discover every single day. The less q8y’s in those places the better of course….

  14. nbq says:

    ok, it took me a few minutes, but I’ve located it on wikimapia. Someone actually pinpointed it 8 months ago on the site. Here’s the permalink:

    If you havent’ been to wikipamia before (prepare to be shocked!) just click on the square that will appear in the middle and you will be taken to the full map where you can zoom out and trace the location (just about 7 min walk north of Oxford Street).

    The restaurant’s name is “Eat & Two Veg”. I haven’t actually been there since last year, so not sure it is still there; but it should be given its speciality.
    Ahaah.. found their web site: They actually opened a 2nd branch somewhere near Finchley :)

  15. aws says:

    When i had decided to become a witch, I actually had the witch in Ameera Yaqoot in mind :) Isn’t it great to become so powerful …

    As for charmed… well considering that their current white lighter Chris is also their son, that makes them two…

    I have already watched the season they’re airing now… and didn’t like this particular episode for some reason…

    for how much longer do we have to be stuck with Re Runs ?

  16. eva says:

    carnaby street
    i have a thing for this street
    3ala golty , cranberryy ;p

  17. Daddy's Girl says:


    Thank you for your words in the about us section.

    It is diana curzons song….

    3ad you know what? I had so much trouble remembering the name of Carnaby st. at first, i always called it “the alley behind hamleys” … then i started remembering it by saying carnaby like cranberry 😀

  18. yara4ever says:

    Aaaaaa3 I hate u i hate u for this post :'( I miss london waaaay o everything u wrote i could feeeeeel … yalla abi aro7 weyaach shrayech n3arif our husbands 3ala eachother ? 😛

  19. Daddy's Girl says:


    Ma 3ndi ay moshkila inhom yet3arefoon o ya 7abaza lo both meet in the airport b3d on the way to uk…

    Ma tabeen itro7een for christams? Now mako college moo?

  20. Mayary says:

    3warty Galby :(…I wish i never left </3

  21. Kale says:

    My god. i feel exactly the same right now…
    typed “i just want to go to london now” into google and this was the first thing that came up, haha