Tommorows 3azeema… By | October 20, 2008 Last night *riinggg riiingg…riiingggriinnnnnnggg*

I was eyeing the phone grudgingly, i have just had a nap. I hate it when i nap. I get off work late, so by the time i eat my lunch and settle down on the table its almost 6 p.m. I was watchign the 2nd X-men movie on dvd when suddenly magneto’s face became blurry and i slept :~(  i woke up by 9 pm, feeling very sick, i dont know whether to continue till the morning or just put the movie back on….


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aloooooooooooooooooooooooooo? This phone!!! I HATE PHONES … they ring alot…

Aloooo Daddy’s Girl?

Thats my baby sister calling…


Mom says on Tuesday our relatives from Bahrain are visiting after salat il 3esha…



Don’t get me wrong. I love those relatives, they are funny and quirky and get that special bahraini charm about them, kinda like the innocence the Q8ys used to have towards life (and each other) in the 70’s and 80’s, before Sadam’s damned troops set foot on our soil and made all of us in dire need of an extensive group therapy and anger management…

Anyways, i AM looking forward to seeing them again…

Of course, i am supposed to be making my “special” Grilled Vegetebales Pasta Salad … do u remember it girls? Lama? Beauty? AWS? from the BBQ? Mom special requested it…

I think im making a business selling this pasta.

Though the request came with one special request “dont put too much pasta in the pasta salad?”

Ok mom… it is a PASTA salad with GRILLED VEGGIES, not GRILLIED VEGGIES salad with Pasta on the side?

Oh well, i guess i will be brining some sweets too…

ok one kind of sweets is enough…

I didnt like Caramel’s best selling Banoffe Trifle… its kinda crushed biscuits with custard and caramel, no bananas anywhere…

Yet i am craving the banoffee pie/tart made in Sugar & Spice… the one that has a bump on top? I can never get the name right?!

hmmmm what else can i maaaaaaaake?

yeah why i was sad?

I do not feel like brushing my hair, doing my eyebrows, bleaching my face, putting on makeup, dressing up nicely… i feel like coming home from work, putting on XMEN or LOTR, eating lunch while watching it, then sleeping  until its Thursday. Now why mom would you invite people for dinner in the middle of the week? on a Tuesday night?

Perhaphs they are going back to bahrain already?

Anyways, it means today i have some cooking and shopping to do… and some major cleaning up. Mom won’t like it if i show up looking like a zombie. I will not hear the end of it…

How about if i turn it into a BBQ? i will try and persuade mom… il jaw this morning ayanin… 😀

I will take pix.. promise… at least of my own pasta

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  1. Alka says:


  2. Lama says:

    hmmm …. the grilled vegetables Pasta salad,
    Well u may expect some intruders 😛 ….. Kidding

    I vote BBQ :)

  3. Al-Dosseri says:

    naby recipe el pasta

  4. i hate it when i nap ;/

  5. agol? what happened to the story ??????

    china 3alagtena ??

  6. omtantoo7 says:

    at least she told u a few days beforehand! ana omi 7azat il 7aza itdeg.. wintay ou 7athich 7awajbich 6al3een or not 😛 as for the bleaching part.. I LOVE U LASER INVENTOR DUDE ;*

  7. danderma says:


    When is the above BBQ thingy? We have already finished it :p sa7 il noom… check the previous posts


    Looool you ain’t an intruder dear, your like my sister, just come in no need to ring the bell… tabeen ayeeb lich for next day lunch? i am making extra to distribute to some women friends of mom…


    Insha2 allah min 3yoone.. bacher laman a7e6 il soora i will put the recipe with it… ok?

    Delicately Realistic

    I hate it too. La a3arf leelee min naharee… i can never go back to sleep, i feel sick and dizzy… i came back home late today, around 6ish… o i slept from 7-10 pm!!!! now im the only one up o cant sleep o i have to leave for work in like 4 hours… Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    EE 3n il story… za3alt ishwaya ana … akher mara ma7ad 3alaq 3la Beauty & The Beast goes to the movies. El Thaher people malaw… 3ad i was writing B&B visit the inlaws…


    La hathee il marra galawlee before hand mo 7g allah 3shan il salad 😉 3adi jedan ana ga3da yegolon le ta3alay awadem mawjodeen… like today? Alooo your relative gave birth we are going to visit her at 7 today… the call was at 3 pm!!!! YA salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

    7awajbee yekhar3oon o il moshkila i have to wait so i can remove them… you must know why of course…

    Does laser work on the face? I was told it didnt? did u try it?

  8. omtantoo7 says:

    without laser ana yemken anhar ;p yes it works.. it takes a while but it works ou 3ajeeeeeeb! try royal hayat

  9. danderma says:


    mo yegolon lazim itsheleen ur face hair ib moos before? ana 3shan chithee ma re7t.. akhaf ashelahib moos aseer 7alee 7al oboy o showareb o 7alla o ma yeroo7 ib laser

    Zaineen royal 7yat?!?!!?!??! 3ad i like their place… wede aroo7 asawee botox 3ndohom wayhee killlaaaah wrinkles especially when i laugh i have wrinkles :(

  10. Lama says:

    Botox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are you serious .. u r young

    don’t play with ur face plz.

    you have natural beauty

  11. aws says:

    By now you should have enjoyed a spectacular evening with your Bahrainin guests … and they would have a beautiful memory of your pasta … Hey , I’m so jealous of them !!

    Ana yo3ana…

    we had Zuccini for lunch today, o somehow, mayshabbi3… though i had it with chicken pasta…
    wonder what kind of foods can make u full …

    eeeh the weather is splendid … we can celebrate the weather.. i.e. let’s eat !

  12. danderma says:


    My face is being invaded by crows feet and forehead wrinkles… it is showing!!! I blame it on the stupid screen i keep squinting o staring at 12+ hours aday!


    I saw ur comments ams… i wanted to reply right away but i was just drained… not sleepless just drained!!! Madry ishfene?

    Yes i did enjoy my evening… i love bahraini people… they r just so… pure? i guess there is something about them that is still innocent, as if time has stopped there or something. I remember in February when i was there, having breakfast overlooking the sea with a single wodden dhow sailing in the distance. It is just so peaceful… shaklee baroo7 minak again soon…

    I will make you and lama some pasta salad for lunch… but let me lose those 3 kilos o will give u a gift…

    What do u mean u had zuccini? y3ni what did u do with it?
    it is granted that veggies do not fill u up. U are not supposed to become full, thats the point of the whole thing, u must muster the strength to stop eating when ur body got its need, not became full. Good luck for me in that department. An elephant en route to becoming a dinasour…

    Im sleepy now… i wonder why i do not get sleepy in the middle of the night when im exhausted o must actually sleep?!

  13. aws says:

    Thanks dear, you already taught us how to fish (i.e. make pasta) , so at least i should attempt fishing… i’ll add it to my 5 yr plan…

    i hope you’re getting enough sleep tonight !

  14. danderma says:


    I will be looking forward to the day AWS decides to cook!

    No can do honey… i just woke up from my nap!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr…