Review: Butterfly Sweets

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Are you going to a zwara or a gathering this weekend?! You want to take something with you? I have got just the thing!

I got a comment from the owner of  Butterfly Sweets who wanted to send me a box of their product and have me try them and post about them. I agreed to do so under one condition: i will say my honest opinion and state what is good and what is bad and god bless her heart she was happy about it! We agreed on a time and date (Last Tuesday) and it arrived while i wasn’t home.

The first thing that happened was that i got a call from my sister. She said there is a beautiful box with yummy food inside and where did i get it from? I told her this is for me to review… do NOT touch it because i need to take pictures and she reluctantly agrees. when i finally got home to retrieve the box from her… guess what i found? Yes… one missing cup!

Oh i didn’t tell you about their product? In their words it’s “chocolate cupcake with a choowy molten chocolate core decorated with chocolate fudge frosting”… and it comes in a cup because it’s so moist… it’s almost a marriage between a molten cake and a cupcake…

Want to see the pictures first?! OK

The first thing you see is the box. The box is really really lovely and stylish… warm purple and golden Butterfly like logo. If  i am going to some gathering and taking something with me, i would be more than happy to take their box because it is lovely (and the picture is bad so it doesn’t do it justice… sorry) …

After you have seen the box you would want to hurry and open it to see the content. The lovely thing about good desserts is their sweet smell… it overwhelms you the moment you lift the lid and salivation starts on que… and Butterfly Sweet got that smell… it’s chocolaty and sugary and bakery like and it’s so so good!

The next thing you notice is a very cute purple butterfly swimming in a pool of liquid chocolate frosting! The butterfly is so so cute i almost wished it wasn’t edible so i don’t have to ruin it! There are 12 cups per box (i got 11… thanks to my sister!) and 12 wooden spoons. My husband said when he saw the content “Sho’3olhom nazakaaaaaaaaa” Indeed sho’3olhom wayed nazaka o imratab o netheef. The box and the butterflies -and i do not even like butterflies-

You cannot resist taking one whole cup to your self and grabbing a wooden spoon…

I took my first bite with the wooden spoon… i felt ridden with guilt at allowing my self to eat a spoonful of sugary dessert… to my surprise it was not very sweet! You would think all this chocolate would leave an heavy sugary aftertaste… or sa7na… but it didn’t! It is very very light, just the right amount of sugar if not a tad less… and it has that distinct homemade feel to it… you know it was made at home… like something your mother would make you… it would be very suitable for the q8y taste buds of course and the best thing about it is it’s very very light and sa7na free… and i am glad there was no Nutella or Oreos anywhere! Also, biting the Butterfly made me feel vengeful towards all those crazy ones flying all around and attacking me! Revenge is SWEET!

My husband took the rest of the cups to his friends. and it flew in a minute! All of them liked it a lot. My other sister was angry at me for not letting her try it and my first sister was angry at me for letting it go without her knowledge because she wanted more!

I do have two comments though:

1- The wooden spoons are very stylish but they destroy the taste of anything you eat them with. I threw away the wooden spoon and used my own spoon because the wooden one is a bit hard and does introduce a woody taste in your food. I recommend you find clear plastic spoons or maybe yellow or purple plastic spoons?

2- They need to add a secret ingredient. The cups of cake are very good… but the need an ooomph factor that is provided by a secret ingredient… maybe cinnamon or real vanilla pods… maybe honey or raspberry in the chocolate center? They could also introduce more tastes “white chocolate with a caramel center or raspberry and blueberry center?!”

All in all… i do recommend it for your next gathering. If you have tried it please comment here and let me know how it went for you 😀

To order:

Please call Amani on 99551311 or send them an email on

You can also visit their Facebook Page by clicking here

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20 Responses to “Review: Butterfly Sweets”

  1. Errant says:

    Oh my Holy God !

    I LOVE

  2. BNDQ8 says:

    sounds delicious to me…and the butterfly touch to them is soooooo adorable!! Nice Review :)

  3. ZaboOo6a says:

    o ana mestansa eb 3mry 5 days with no chocolate !
    Maa7ebesh :(

  4. lol so it’s called butterfly sweets 3shan there’s a butterfly marshmellow in each cup? epic

  5. Coquette says:

    Do they offer other types of desserts? Or is it just the molten?
    This is just my personal opinion, but I don’t think these small businesses should limit themselves to just one item, unless it is AMAZING. Making it unique is not just by adding the butterflies and nice box, it should make people want to come back for it.
    I’ve seen businesses specializing in red velvet cupcakes, and I’m wondering why would I order theirs if I can make a nice fresh batch at home?
    I have tried most of the cupcakes and chocolate molten places in Kuwait, and no one really offers something unique that makes you want to come back for more!

  6. JoJo says:

    where do you guys get those wooden spoons and the Aluminum dishes, I need them for my daughters school “baking day”…..can some one help

    • danderma says:

      Go to Shuwaikh, behind sooq london there is a whole street with stores selling packing stuff… you can find them there…

  7. Lulu says:

    What about the foil cups? they too give a disturbing metalic taste

  8. aws says:

    God bless YOUR heart for the sound remarks…
    dunno why i went back in time to 3alameya days when i saw the box…
    there is an episode in khalty gmasha when sol6an got married to ma7booba… in one seen his brother enters carrying 3alameya boxes for the wedding… there will never be anything that tastes the same.. their black forest.. their donuts.. their spinach fatayer.. oh so yummy …

    • danderma says:

      AWS? Sweety? we are on the same wavelength… for two days now i have been CRAVING 3alamiya pizza like mad :( not the now existing ones but the old ones where we would take a box and pick the food with tongs and put it inside the white boxes with a blue sonbola logo :`( i miss the oldie days …

  9. april_q8 says:

    walah shaklaa cute but i guess it is not new idea 9a7 ??

    • danderma says:

      not very new idea no but the box is really nazek.. y3ni when you are going to someones house o nass yaybeen wyahom akel your box in ur hand will stand out